Pick Your Poison

Leah Seyl, a member of a group of elite guards recruited to protect the King and Queen of Laverna, is feeling defeated.

For three years she had protected her adopted family, relishing in the interest the King and Queen expressed in her. She had everything their son, William, lacked. Compassion, love, and mercy was long lost to him. But as one day she returned from a trip back from her estranged family, Leah watched as her true home burned to ashes. Now with the King and Queen murdered in the midst of an attack from the rogue children of the Descendants, she is tasked to protect William, the heir to the throne, and a changed man.

In this re-telling of Snow White, can Leah really trust this new William and will the pleas from a demon prisoner reveal what actually happened to the seemingly re-incarnated prince? And can the Descendants really be trusted when their own children had turned on them?


3. Blood & Metal


The War Between the Descendants


    William had been pinned to the ground by an invisible force, the air slowly seeping out of his lungs. Shouts from the battlefield that surrounded him filled his ears with dread. They were losing.

    The sky above him had been lit up with endless balls of light and explosion. The ground shook with the vibrations of hooves pounding against the dirt floor beneath him. War had begun, and he, the King's son and eventual heir to the throne, had been at the head of the armada. William was the commanding General, appointed at fifteen, most likely to die before he was twenty. His seventeenth birthday was only two days away.

    A dark figure had disrupted his view of the chaos above him and he readjusted his vision. Much like him, she too wore a smirk of arrogance. Her dark hair had been disheveled and matted with blood and dirt. Something William was sure his hair was mirroring as well. But neither soldier's eyes were filled with or for mercy. She couldn't have been older than he was, and yet he felt like a child; being slaughtered so easily. The girl lifted her fist and uncurled her fingers. William wheezed out a little more air with every finger that straightened. Nice party trick, William thought.

    The girl leaned down to him, placing her mouth beside his ear. "Sleep now, dear Prince," her breath tickling his ear. William tried to grab her throat, but not before her Influence held his arm with considerable strength. She stood back up, unsheathing a gleaming sword from her waist. If William wasn't mistaken, he could almost see a glint of sadness in her piercing green eyes. Her mouth was tense with worry. Why should she be worried? She paused, letting the breeze sift through her hair, and a quiet overwhelmed William, like the calm before the storm. 

    She plunged the sword like the crack of lightening into the upper right of his torso, stunning his mind. He released a cry from his dry, cracking lips, his hand rising to the metal that impaled him. Death was imminent.

    Black rimmed the peripherals of his vision, swallowing everything in its path. William accepted his doomed fate, and proceeded to meet his eyes with the night sky. Past the fiery balls of light and destruction, he witnessed the stars, gleaming with such intensity even the chaos that lay in front of them could not hide their divine glow. His mouth suddenly tasted of blood and metal as something trickled past the corner of his mouth. The sounds of the war had since been drowned out and forgotten. In its place, a serene hum filled his ears until the black had consumed what was left of his vision.

    He didn't want to move, to feel, to even heave out the air that was still burning in his lungs. He wanted to die. But unfortunately for him, he had not.

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