My Nerd (marcel/Harry styles)

Trinity is new and she has always be rich and popular but she isn't fake she sticks up for the nerds and stomps on all the fakes that's why she likes being popular so nobody gets hurt when she befriends a fake and a nerd as part of her clique stuff is bound to happen but is the fake really a fake or can she be real too read find out


1. Beginning of it all

Hi I'm Trinity but my friends call me Trin I have the perfect tan from the summer I spent in Australia I have long curly brown hair with blonde ombré and hazel brown eyes with splashes of gold in them and long thick eyelashes I'm really skinny but I have big boobs and a big butt (great for Twerking :p) and I am pretty strong and I'm an athlete/singer since I go to an arts school well going to an arts school it will be my first day because my mom got a modeling job in Holmes chapel so we moved from Ireland so she could live her dream as a model anyway at my old school I was what you call popular because I'm hot and I have a lot of money because my dad is president of the U.S.A . My mom and dad got divorced when I was 8 but I can't do much about it anyway I just finished unpacking my stuff in my new room which btw is amazing it has a huge walk-in closet , my own bathroom, a desk with my MacBook ,iphone5,iPad,ipad2,iPod,iphone4s,tablet,blackberry,windows phone and the keys to my black hummer ,beside the desk is a microphone to practise singing next to it is my guitar across from that is my huge bed with white see through satin curtains hanging above it like a princess bed so it covers my whole bed so nobody can watch me sleep lol my bed has pink pillows and a white comforter (big blanket aka duvet) on the other side of my room I have a huge mirror connected to another desk for makeup and beside that is a window the ones where you can sit in the window and read or something yeah those and a ladder (the room has a second floor) on the second floor of my room is another one of those windows and a dance studio my room is beige and on the first floor of my room it is all zebra carpet nice room right anyway tomorrow is the first day of the arts school and I have to look good to get with the populars so I go to my closet and search for the perf outfit hmm found it, I will wear black high-waisted shorts with a white crop top and my black and white DC shoes perf I get back to my room look at the time aww it's 6 am damn oh well I will get ready for school I guess with no sleep I can do this. I hop into the shower and wash my hair with blue raspberry shampoo and conditioner it smells good and I washed my body with my banana cream pie body wash I shaved my legs and got out I blow dried my hair and straightened my side bangs then put my curls into a high pony with a black bandana and tied a knot at the side like Rihanna when she had red hair then I put the outfit I picked before on and went to my mirror to put on some makeup I put on some eyeliner and gave myself a smokie eye then put on lipgloss (btw I brushed my teeth put on deodorant and put on perfume too) then I grabbed my school bag put in my MacBook ,my iphone5 and 4s ,my blackberry,my windows phone ,my iPad ,and tablet then I grabbed my car Keyes and drove to school in my hummer . I parked the car got out and everyone was staring at me in a good way though then this really pretty (I'm hotter) girl came up to me and said "hi I'm Veronica the most popular girl at Laura secord (the high school ) " and I replyed "hey I'm Trinity" she smiled " your really pretty Trinity I think you could be popular material " she said who does this bitch think she is of course I'm popular material hoe my dads the president of the states you have nothing on me. I smiled at her and said "aww that's cute you think I care about what you say I will let you know a little secret as of now I'm the most popular my daddy is the president of the states you have nothing on me now you can either get out of my way or be part of my clique you decide" her jaw dropped but she quickly recovered and stood behind me quietly "good choice" I say and continue walking see I don't like fake bitches like Veronica so I overpower them I walk into the school to see a nerdy guy getting bullied I frowned oh hell no not in my school I walk up to the guy bullying him and say "what the hell do you think your doing?" He looks up and smirks "we'll beautiful this nerd got in my way" and I growl "get your hands off of him before I kick your ass" he laughs "I would love to see that sweetheart" so punch him in the throat so it's hard for him to breath then I kick him in the balls then I grab his hand and flip him onto his back "don't push me next time or it will be worse got it" he just nods in pain then I look at the nerd on the ground and help him up "what's your name?" I ask "m-marcel " he stutters looking down " well Marcel what class do you have first?" I ask. "SSS-singing " he stutters again I smile "me too let's go" I say grabbing his hand . We walked down the hallway till Veronica stopped and went to physics we said bye and Marcel lead the way to Vocals class this is going to be an interesting day.
At the end of the day
The bell just rang to signal school was over so I walked to my locker where Marcel and Veronica were waiting for me , I asked them to hangout at my place today.
We get to the parking lot and get into my hummer "wow this I-i-is a w-wonderfully m-m-marvellous c-car you h-have" marcel stutters once again. "Thanks but tone the geek down just a bit and can you stop stuttering its giving me a headache" I say honestly "sorry" marcel says and looks out the window. Finally the ride is over as I pull into my driveway. Both of their jaws dropped this time it was Veronica who spoke "dude your house is huge" hmm someone cut the fake act good it was annoying "thanks" I say as we walk to the door. I open the door and walk up to my room I open my door and bellyflop onto my bed "okay first order of business is homework" I yell and Veronica groans "but today is Friday can't we do it Sunday " and I yell "no we will get it done now so we can have fun all weekend duh plus I will help you" she sighs but agrees.after teaching Veronica some stuff we finally finished our homework and went downstairs for something to eat.i walk into the kitchen and sit down the others looked at me weirdly but sat down too " so what do you want to eat?" I ask "crab legs" Veronica said "ribs" Marcel answered "okay" and I paged the chef to come in . Once the chef arrived from downstairs he asked me what I wanted and I said "could you please make crab legs ribs and sushi" and he said "right away Madame and went to work on our food.after food we went swimming in my indoor pool and we ended up having a water fight which was really fun then we decided to have a movie marathon in my home theatre I laid my head on Marcel's lap and my feet on Veronica and started the movie identity thief and about 6 movies in Veronica passed out on Marcel's shoulder and marcel passed on on Veronica's shoulder I'm still in their laps and my eyes are started to droop so I give into sleep and close my eyes.


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