city boy and a country girl (1D fan fic)

what happens when a country girl gets moved to a big city in London and falls in love with harry styles (aka a city boy) from one direction read to find out.


8. Where have you been???

So Harold where have you been the boys questionen me, i had stuff to do after i broke the news to her why all of you guys in my appartment i fire back coming out a little harsher then i planned i hate when that happens dont you? Well someones in a mood is it because your not a  louder to see Ashley anymore or what you know you can talk to us right? Liam said making me feel a little bad about lying to them but not bad enough where i could stop seeing her. Yea of course i know i can tell you guys anything and no i mean yea its sucks we cant hang out with her anymore but yeah im just tired thats all. I can not believe i just lied to there face thats the first time EVER!!! Alright Louis said clearing the air what are we gonna do tonight boys how about party at ed sheerans place he invited us and it would be rude not to go sinces he always comes to our parties yeah? Lets go we all agreed, and i can leave there early saying im not feeling good and go to Ashelys yeah thats a good idea.

A/N i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for not updating in forever and i really dont have an excuse but im really really sorry for not updating and that this chapter is really short again sorry guys thanks for taking time to read this though hope yall like it :)

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