city boy and a country girl (1D fan fic)

what happens when a country girl gets moved to a big city in London and falls in love with harry styles (aka a city boy) from one direction read to find out.


5. the meeting

Harrys POV

Where is Zayn, Simon was yelling hes over 15mins late. We all just shruged and joked that he was probably fixing his hair i guess Simon didnt find that too funny causes he just gave us a glare.  Wow hes really in a bad mood, just then Zayn came bursting in and Simon went off. Where in the world have you been your over 15mins late. I know but my hair was a diaster this morning and it just not been a good morning he tried to explain but got cut off by Simon i dont care why your late anymore but as of now you guys are no longer allowed to hang out with that girl that was with you at nandos the press doesnt like it so no dating her and no being friends with her and if i find out that your still friends with her you will be cut from the band is that clear Simon asked and everyone said yes i mean what could we say even though i was hopeing to be more that friends with her i guess i cant now. Now one of you go tell her and then thats it alright now whos gonna tell her. i said i would so i would get a chance to say goodbye and im the closes one who lives near her.

 ARUTHERS NOT sorry for the short chapters and how nothings happening yet but bare with me i have tons of ideas so please just bare with me thanks. write as soon as i can by moms making me get off for right now and dont forget to come what you think if you think it sucks message me on why and things i can do to make it better on the comments  thanks

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