city boy and a country girl (1D fan fic)

what happens when a country girl gets moved to a big city in London and falls in love with harry styles (aka a city boy) from one direction read to find out.


2. moving in

Ashley's POV

Harry was so nice and cheeky I liked him I think we could be great friends.

as he helped me move we talked a lot about me I didn't want him to think that i always wanted to be the center of attention, so i flipped the conversation to him as started talking about him, we actually had a lot in common apart from im country and he's not but i think im starting to fall for him. Im not gonna lie i usually go for cowboys but he's different i don't know what its but there is something about him. He invited me over for dinner tonight with 4 of his friends. So im going over to his house i hope his friends don't mind

aruthers note

sorry for the short chapter my moms making me go to bed write as soon as i can night :)

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