city boy and a country girl (1D fan fic)

what happens when a country girl gets moved to a big city in London and falls in love with harry styles (aka a city boy) from one direction read to find out.


3. meeting the boyss

I had no idea what I was going to wear, just as I was thinking about what to wear my cell phone started ringing it was my best friend Nichole she was having boy problems her boyfriend Tyler cheated on her, I felt bad for 2 reasons. Reason #1 was I wasn't there to help her throw empty mountain dew cans at both there shadows(Tyler and gf #2 ) but the second reason is im the one who got them together. I felt bad but there was really nothing I could do about it ya know being in London while shes in America.So I finally figured out what to wear I wore a blue plaid button up shirt with a white tank top under it (the plaid shirt was un buttoned), jeans and brown boots. So as I was straightening up around the flat when I herd a knock at the door it was Harry and 4 other boys. hey yall I said they just stood there so I said you can come in and sit, so they all made there way to sit down. Harry sat at the end of the couch with a blonde headed guy beside him and beside him was a boy with red skinny jeans and a striped shirt. then on the smaller couch was a black headed boy who was yelling at the brown head boy to not touch the hair he didn't seem like he was joking either. Harry cleared his throat as everyone looked at him he intureduced us all he said that the one with blonde hair was Niall then the one with red skinny jeans was Louis, and the one was yelling don't touch the hair was Zayn and the one he was yelling at was Liam. They all said hi so I said hey back and said my names Ashley. Um I don't mean to be rude I started out but weren't we suppose to be a your place for dinner I  asked Harry. Well that's why we came here Niall said he didn't want tacos that he wanted nandos instead so we came to see if wanted to go there? he explained, sure but whats nandos I asked. WHAT you don't know what nandos is Niall asked with the most serious are you joking face I just shook my head, WE GOT TO GET HER THERE NOW he exclaimed. So we all got in two separate cars alright Ashley, Louis can ride with me and Niall and Liam can ride with Zayn Harry said so we all agreed. On the way there Louis had me laughing the whole way there.

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