Just Can't Let Him Go

After 12 years Skylar is reunited with a friend from her past. She hasn't stopped thinking about him since she was shipped of to her relatives in America. Will Harry become part of her life again or will his fame tear their friendship apart?


2. School

We got to school 10 minutes early thanks to Jake's fast driving. Thank God we didn't get pulled over by the cops.  I made a beeline through the hallway to my locker.  Just like every day Sadie was there with Matt, her boyfriend.  I couldn't stand the sight of them together.  Matt had cheated on her more times then I can count on both of my hands and yet she still came running back to him every time.

"Hey girly!" Sadie said as I approached. She then kissed Matt goodbye and he walked down the hall to join his delinquent friends.

"Hey Sadie." I replied.

"Is there something wrong, other than the fact that you just saw Matt and I together? Its not that dream again is it?"

"Do I never not have that dream. Scratch that do I never not have that NIGHTMARE." I said emphasizing the word nightmare.

"Well if it isn't the nightmare, then what is it?" 

"One Direction is coming next week to play Madison Square Garden." I explained

"Oh. Well maybe we can get tickets?" she offered

"Yeah we can totally get tickets to a sold out tour just so I can see someone who I haven't seen since I was six, who I haven't stopped thinking about since then.  He probably doesn't even remember me anyway."

"My dad knows people at the arena so I'm sure we can get super good tickets from them! And I bet he still remembers you." she said.

"Alright fine. But if I get my hopes up and he doesn't remember me don't be surprised if I never talk to anyone again." I said with a smirk.

"I'll see what my dad can get us for tickets and let you know. Oh also, can you give me a ride home after cheer practice this afternoon?" she asked

"Yeah sure!" I replied.

Our conversation was cut short by the bell and we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. Her to AP Calculus and me to AP English. I guess you could call us the brains of the school. If only brains counted for beauty.  Unfortunately it doesn't in this school.  I went the rest of the day trying to keep the thought of Harry being in my state out of my mind.


After my last class I went to the locker room and changed for cheer practice.  I overheard two of my teammates talking about the One Direction concert.

"OMG! My uncle got me front row tickets to the concert on Saturday!"

"OMG! Really! You should totally bring me!"

Hearing them talk about it made me sick to my stomach.  They were so happy and didn't have to worry about a life changing moment.  Even if we got tickets he still wouldn't meet me again or even recognize me.  It was a waste of time to even try.  Harry Styles would never understand how in love with him I was.  Why would someone like him who could have any girl want someone like me.  At least cheer practice would make me forget about all of this for 2 hours.


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