Just Can't Let Him Go

After 12 years Skylar is reunited with a friend from her past. She hasn't stopped thinking about him since she was shipped of to her relatives in America. Will Harry become part of her life again or will his fame tear their friendship apart?


1. Life Hasn't Been the Same

*"Skylar don't leave me!" Harry yelled after me as he ran through the airport.

"Harry! Help Me!" I yelled to him as I tried to escape the grasp of the man dragging me to the plane.  Just as Harry was about to reach me the gate slammed close ahead of him and he disappeared.

"NO!" I yelled as it became darker around me.*

A loud crashing sound woke me from my dream.  I have had the same nightmare almost every night since I left Holmes chapel where I lived when I was six.  The day I was sent to live with my aunt in America was the day I lost my best friend in the world, Harry Styles.  Yes I'm talking about THE Harry Styles from One Direction.

I looked at the clock and realized that I over slept. I quickly jumped out of bed, hitting my head on my extremely low attic ceiling.  I threw on a pair of dark denim jeans with my white lace top over a white tank top.  By the time I got downstairs, my brother and cousins were already finished breakfast and were getting ready to leave for school.

"Jake you drive today I have to do my hair and make up in the car." I told my twin brother. We were actually triplets but our sister, Brielle, was taken in by her friends family once our mother died.  That's why only Jake and I are stuck at our Aunts house in New York City.

"Fine but we get to pick up Sarah on our way." Jake replied

"Whatever. We can pick up your stupid girlfriend on our way but we have to be at school on time because I need to talk to Sadie before class starts and if your late again your going to get suspended!" I said as I tossed him the keys and gathered my books.

"Have a good day!" my aunt called after us.

"I bet I won't." I mumbled as I slammed the door behind me and headed for the car.


*Authors Note*

Hi guys! This is my first Movella/ fanfic so tell me how its going in the comments and if you have any questions just ask! :) 

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