It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


3. The day of the concert

Sarahs POV

I woke up this morning and nearly jumped out of my bed, im so excited for tonight i could literally scream right now. I quickly get up and get dressed and finished packing my bag witch has my out fit for the concert,Makeup,hairbrush,toothbrush,pajamas and a few other bits. I then get my ticket and my meet and great pass out of my locker and pop them in my purse to make sure i don't lose them . After getting everything ready i go down stairs and get some break fast, I ring the landlord of the apartment to make sure were still looking at it at 2:00pm , after all my rushing around this morning i hadn't even gotten a chance to ring daniel to make sure shes awake so i take my phone out of my pocket and dial her number

Daniels POV

"Do you daniel take the niall horan to be your law fully wedded husband" "i do" "You make now kiss the bride" i lean in to kiss niall and just as i do i here a ringing noise then suddenly wake up, i struggle looking for my phone then find to have 6 missed calls from sarah i look at the clock and its 11:00pm and were supposed to be leaving for london at half past , i redial her number and put my phone to my ear "Hello, Daniel its 11 O'clock were leaving really soon are you ready" She said sounding worried " Sarah you were supposed to call me and wake me up, I'm getting up right now to take a shower and get dressed " " We have no time just get your stuff together and get dressed im leaving in ten minutes you can take a shower at the hotel when we get to london " " Okay " i say hanging up the phone, God that girl can be so bossy at times, I don't really blame her tho with the way her dad used to treat her . I better get up and get dressed quickly i already have all my stuff ready waiting at the front door

I put on my shoes and tie up my hair making my way to the kitchen, I poor some already made coffee in to a travel mug and get a bun as soon as i take a bit out of my bun i here a horn honk 3 times, I quickly kiss my mum and dad good bye and head to walk out the door to see sarah standing in my hall way with her arms crossed while tapping on of her feet on the wooden floor "Hello Miss Tomlinson, You looking forward to meeting your future husband in person today" Saying in a happy cherry voice trying to make her not be angry at me for making us late " Hello Miss Horan yes i am, now hurry on so we can get on the road" i pick up my bag and follow her out the front door putting my stuff in the back of her van. I sit in the passenger seat and put on my seat belt and we take off, This is the day i meet niall horan in person , i can not wait !

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