It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


13. She promised

Liams POV

I got back from lunch, it was nice because we weren't really surrounded by fans so we got to spend the time with our girlfriends, I ran straight in the sweet and into the bathroom because i was dying to go bathroom ever since we left the restaurant.

I walked into the bathroom and found to my horror Sarah lying on the floor with blood surrounding her, I kneeled down and started shaking her and shouting her name, she was blinking but not responding, she closed her eyes and then went unconscious, i shouted for help and Zayn ran in to the bathroom and his eyes opened wider then the moon, 'Call 911 zain quickly' 'W-what happened' 'theres no time Zain she's bleeding out just call them quickly' Zayn rushed out of the bathroom to ring the ambulance, i took off my shirt and tore it into a long piece and rapped it around her wrist tightly, i checked her pulse and it was getting very slow, with in a matter of 8 minutes the ambulance was here they went in to the bathroom and i left to give them space.

I walked out into the sitting room and all the boys were sitting in silence, louis had tears flowing down his face while harry tried to comfort him, the paramedics came out with sarah on a stretcher, 'Were going to need someone to come with us in the ambulance' 'I will' Harry said jumping up to head for the door knowing louis was still in shock 'Well come down in 10 minutes ill just clean the bathroom' Niall said 

We heard the ambulance sirens turn on and off they went, louis looked crushed, i pulled him aside into his bedroom to try and get him to talk 'Louis mate, shes going to be ok i promise you' he just stared straight at the wall ' Louis please talk to me' 'She' 'She what'  'She promised' he paused 'She promised never to fucking do that' He said shaking with temper while throwing a lamp on the locker at the wall 'Liam she promise she fucking promised, promises are important to me and she promised!' 'Louis calm down' 'No she promis-' He burst out in tears 'Okay look well go to the hospital now, ill go get my keys ill drive' he got up and walked put the door 'Just go start the car, ill be down in a minute 

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