It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


14. Sarah wake up

Louis POV

I walked into the bathroom all blood all over the place, a razor blade in the middle of it, i looked into the corner behind the door and the promise bracelet i gave sarah was torn and thrown on the ground i picked it up and put it in my pocket

I walked down to the car park and got in the car, all the boys were already in except for harry because he went in the ambulance, the hospital was only 10 minutes away, but it seemed like the longest 10 minutes of my life, i started thinking why would she do this, and why would she cut off the promise bracelet? Was it something i said, did she not want to be with me, did she see me and daniel, a hundred and one thing rushed around my head

We pulled up at the hospital and we all got out and headed into the emergency room, the women at reception told us to have a set and wait while she lets the doctor no where here, we were waiting at least 20 minutes when the doctor came out, I jumped up 'How is she' 'She's stable at the minute, he heart stopped from the shock of the low blood supply, which also means there was no oxygen getting to her brain, in cases like these patients usually wake up and remember everything, but sometimes the patient might experience permanent memory loss' A tear ran down my face 'Can we see her?' 'Yes, but only one at a time, she hasn't woken up yet' i looked back at everyone and niall nodded his head and said 'Go on' 

I looked in the window, he arm all bandaged up, wired stuck to her chest and an drip on in her hand, i took a deep breath and walked in, she looked so peaceful, i sat down and scooted my chair closer to her, i grabbed her hand with the two of mine and starting praying

Dear god,

please let her be okay

let her see another day

may she open her eyes

big and wide

let me see her smile

it will be worth your while

i'm not asking for much

just your gentle touch

not to take her away

please just let her be stay

I looked up at her and nothing was changing, 'Sarah wake up, please sarah just wake up'... 

Sarahs POV


I'm walking along the sand on the beach, i'm with a boy with curly brown hair, i just cant tell who he is tho, his face is blurred, we walk until we get to some rocks, he leans in and kisses me on the cheek, then grabbed my hand and whispered 'i love you' 'i love you too' i say while i leaned in and kiss him we continued to walk when all of a sudden my dream starts to get really bright

Louis POV

'Nurse she's opening her eyes' i shout while watching sarah, the doctors come on and sarah is just starting around her 'Where am i?' 'Hello my name is emma you've had a bit of an accident can you tell me your name please' 'Sarah, Sarah Walker' 'Very good sarah can you tell me what the date is' 'January 2012' 'Yes i was afraid of this, won't be two minutes' the nurse said while walking out of them room, Sarah looked a me and her eyes opened up wide ' Hello babe, you scared me there' 'YOUR LOUIS TOMLINSON' She shouted nearly jumping out of the bed 'Sarah, i'm your boyfriend, Please tell me you remember me' 'Am now that you say it i remember our relationship but things are a bit fuzzy for me' 'Its okay babe just rest your head' ..

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