It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


8. Moon light lie's

Sarahs Pov

We turned around and made or way for the balcony Louis in front and me following him behind, He opened the door and leaned back to let me walk ahead and out the door first he followed after and closed the door, it was a cold night out and i started to shiver while i looked up at the star's, i felt a soft warm arm go around my shoulder and pull me closer to him, 'Thank you' i said while turning to look into his big blue eyes, He smiled 'Its no trouble atal, i wouldn't want a beautiful girl like you being cold now would I' 'Ha beautiful, Thats something im not' i said quickly and smartly 'How are you not beautiful? You're the most gorgeous girl i've ever put my eye's on, i no we barely no each other but i really like you, and want a chance to get to know you better' He said while turning me into him, with our faces inches away from each other, i could feel his warm breath hitting my face, he started to lean closer and closer till our lips hit each other, i could feel myself going red and then he pulled away, 'So what do you say? Can i have a chance to get to know you better?' 'Of course you can' He then smiled at me and interlocked his fingers with mine he pulled up his hand and mine came up with him, my bracelets that covered up my scars slid down my arms, he looked down and terror filled his eyes, 'W-what happened your wrist?' He said, I started to panic, i actually think me and him could get somewhere, not if he knows i've tried to take away my life, That would just ruin our chances altogether, i realized he's still waiting on an answer, 'Shark attack' i said nearly spitting at him, what a stupid answer, i live in the middle of nowhere i've never been to the beach how in the name of god could i have been bitten by a shark, 'A shark attack?' 'Yes, i was very young and a baby shark tried to bite off my hand' 'Oh, well i'm sorry to hear that' I've already lied to him and we haven't even known each other for 24 hours .. God i hate my self

Louis POV

Were standing under the moonlight i have her against the balcony, and we're just talking about the most of randomest things, i think she's hiding something from me tho, ever since i asked what happened her wrist shes been a bit odd with me, i barely know her and will have to wait till we get to know each other before i ask again 'So, Ice Cream or chocolate?' i asked making more conversation, 'Ice Cream obviously, What about you?' 'Me two' I said then continuing 'Kissing with tongue or no tongue' i said being cheeky 'Hmm i dont no, why don't you tell me' She said being cheeky back, i leaned in to kiss her, my lips just about to press up against her, when suddenly we here the door behind us opening, I quickly pulled back and turned around so we were side by side, Harry came bursting true the door with his new friend he met earlier, both of them barely able to walk there so drunk, 'Helloo there boobear this is Ambeerr' He slurred, ' Hello amber nice to meet you, glad you could come tonight' 'Nice meet to you' she said mixing up her sentence, i looked at my watch and it's 1:15am me and Sarah have been out here the whole night out here, i asked her would she like to go inside and she started to walk in the door to go inside, we went and i sat on the couch, she smiled down and me and said' Thank you very much for tonight, but i need to be getting back to my sweet, ive had a very long day' 'Aw okay babe, ill walk you down' she walked over to the couch daniel and niall were sitting at, both them as well were highly intoxicated, 'Daniels come on, we need to go' She went to stand up but niall grabbed her arm and pulled her back down 'Stay here tonight, i'll give you boxers and a jersey to sleep in' he said to her all happy, She looked up at Sarah and gave her the eyes to ask could she 'Go on so, I'll see you in the morning, Have fun' She started to walk out the door and once she opened it she turned around and told me she'd be okay to walk down the hall from here, She leaned in and kissed me then started to walk away 'Goodnight ' she said 'Night' i said still in amazement from that kiss i watched her walk down the hall and around the corner, i went back inside and went straight to my bed room, i sat in my bed and just stared at the ceeling

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