It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


6. Is this really happening?

Sarahs POV

We lined up for or photo with the boys, we were in a small enough dressing room so squished together, i was beside louis and liam at my other side, liam put his hand around my shoulder and i could feel louis hesitate as to were he would pop his hand, he quickly put is arm at the back of my and placed his hand on my bum, i started blushing and could feel him laugh on the inside, god i'm such an idiot!. After the security guard took or picture on mine and daniels phones, louis said he wanted to see it so i shyly handed him my phone, he looked like he was typing but i didn't ask, the boys gave us a hug each and we were on or way, we headed back to the hotel in silence, trying to let what just happened to us sink in, after we got in i went and ran a bath to relax for a while before me and daniel watched dvd's for the rest of the night, i was sitting in the tub letting the bubbles sooth me when my phone got a message i picked it up and to my wonder found an unusual name on my screen

Message from: Louis :) xx - Hey! i hope you don't mind but i saved my number in your phone . . me and the boys are having a after party in or hotel room and i was wondering would you and your friend like to come? (: x

Did louis really just text me? why did he do that?did he really just ask me to a party? or even save his phone number to my phone? 100 and 1 question ran trough my head! but i couldn't just ignore him i had to text back, but play it cool of course

Message to: Louis :) xx - Hello :) Of course i don't mind its totally fine, yeah okay? can you give me the details so and ill just say it two daniel :) x

Oh god, does it sound to stalkerish ? should i just ignore the text or press send, i man up and press send then place my phone back on the side of the bath, i begin to wash my hair when my phone beeps again, i rinse it of and quickly check my phone

Message from: Louis :) xx -Ok sound great !! (: its the hotel in london, near where we did the concert the name is ' the grand tuborg ' were on the fifth floor (: x

Message to: Louis :) xx - Omg thats where we are staying to and were on the same floor? what sweet are ye in? well be there in a half hour :) x

Message from: Louis :) xx - haha what a coincidence, it must be faith ;) ! 5B is our sweet, chat later bye :) x

What does he mean by faith? can this actually be happening, please don't tell me i'm dreaming..

Louis POV

Once the picture was taken i asked sarah could i see the picture, she handed my her phone and i slipped in my number and saved it under ' Louis :) xx' i then message my number so i would have hers as well, after i was done i deleted the conversation, we gave them a hug and sent them on the way, me and sarah were the last to hug, i could feel myself getting a bit excited and by the time they were gone i was on a semi hard on, what is it about that girl that turns my on so much? maybe her eyes, or her hair, the way it smells like coconuts, or how about her smile, and her gorgeous figure.. Once i was done daydreaming about her i soon clicked back in to reality, to realize i was the only one standing still staring at the door, i looked over at the boys and went and sat down beside them, they were all giggling and i new why so i got the pillow from behind me and placed it on my lap ' Its daniel isn't it? she is pretty beautiful ' niall said to me smiling , ' No , Sarah . i really like her , shes the prettiest girl i ever laid my eyes on ' ' Just make sure your making the right decision boobear' harry said while fixing his hair 'I'm not making any decisions, but i was wondering if i could ask her to the after party tonight?' 'Yeah do, and make sure she bring daniel' Niall quickly answered while eating his nando's, on that note or manager came in and told us the bus to bring us to or hotel was here, so i went out and got in the bus, it was a short journey back to the hotel, once we got there we headed up to or sweet and we all went to tidy the place for the party, I swept the floors and gathered the dirt putting it in the bin, i then set on the couch and put my feet up on the table while getting my phone out of my pocket to text sarah, i sent the message and a minute or two later got a reply, she said she would come to the party and asked for details of the whereabouts, i gave them and she replied saying she was in the same hotel on the same floor as well i said it must be faith being cheeky with her a bit, as soon as i finished the conversation i got up and went for a quick shower, i then got out and got dressed in to some jeans and a v neck t shirt , i sprayed on some lynx and headed to the sitting room to great some of the guests that had already arived

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