It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


11. I love you too

Sarahs POV

I woke up the next morning in a bed by my self, i looked at the clock and it was 11:30pm, me and sarah had to be checked out for 12:00, so i got out of bed and ran out the door not even saying bye to louis, i rushed in the door and into sarah's room, her and niall were in the bed together, i woke her up and said we have to check out, so she got up and we both got dressed and got all our stuff together, I then did a quick check around to see if we forgotten anything, once i was certain i put my hand bag around me and picked up my bag and we headed down to the lobby.

We sat in the lobby waiting to check out, i got out my phone while we were waiting, Its was on silent and i had a lot of messages..

Message from: Louis :)xx- Hey were u go? xx

Message from: Louis :)xx- Sarah?? where are you have i done something rong :( 

3 missed calls from - Louis :)xx

Message from: Louis :)xx- Babe please...

Message to: Louis :)xx- Hey! I'm down in the lobby, me and daniel had to be cheeked out for 12, After this were going to get a bit to eat and the keys for or flat, so sorry my phone was on silent xx

I put down my phone and walked up to the receptionist, I gave her or passed to the sweet and off we were,We got out and put or bags in the boot of the car, we then hopped in and drove to nando's, we went in and both got salad's, After words we head back the way we came to go to our new apartment, as its on the way to the hotel, we met the landlord there and collected or keys

Once we were done signing more paper and stuff we left or bags that we had brought up from london and left them in the flat, we then got in the car once again and headed for the hotel back to the boys

Daniels POV

I sat in the car, watching the ran hit the window, thinking about niall, thinking of how he made me feel, but something inside told me he was using me, i ignored it because he makes me feel alive. Every Time he kisses me i feel shivers go down my spine, hes the one for me, but i know deep down we're never going to be together.. i continued to daydream about niall all the way back, Ive gotten used to seeing the boys, i'm don't fangirl in front of them or anything so its ok, 

We got back to the hotel and Sarah and louis went straight onto the balcony to be alone with each other, so i was left with niall ignoring me and harry drooling over me because Liam and Zayn had gone out to lunch with there girlfriends, Harry got up and went into his bedroom to practise a bit of music, so it was just me and niall, He looked over at me and said 'So are you coming over tonight then' 'Yeah ok' 'Good come around 1 so nobody see's you' Those words were like a stab in the heart 'But why cant anyone see me? were sort of together aren't we?' 'Look daniel, I'm attracted to you for sex and stuff, but other then that your like an unpainted canvas your meaningless and you just bore me, no offence like or anything' 'Yeah am ive to go' I said with tears running down my face, He basically told me i'm just a booty call, i can't believe the boy ive done nothing but dream about the last 3 years has said these cruel words to me, i walked out and got in to car and set in the back set, i put my head in my lap and cried my eyes out

Sarahs POV

Once we got back to the hotel me and louis went straight out on the balcony, so we could be alone and i could explain this morning, we got out and leaned over to look at the scenery, i could see our apartment from here 'Look, thats were me and daniel now live' 'Thats good babe, You've a double bed don't you' 'Course i do' i said laughing at his cheeky way of making sure he could come over ' Sarah, I love you..' Hes telling me he loves me so soon, i panicked and just went silent, i couldn't just dinie that i loved him, because i do 'I new i shouldn't of said that i've scared  you now haven-' I stopped him talking, i passionately kissed him then pulled away 'I love you too louis'

It was very cold out today and starting to rain a bit, So louis kissed me softly and we made our way inside, I sat on the couch while putting my legs on top of niall, louis sat on the other couch looking a bit jealous, 'Niall wheres daniel gone' Louis said 'Off in tears''What happened her' i said getting worried' 'No clue' 'Ill go look for her' Louis said getting up and walking out the door.

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