It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


7. Hidden scars.

Sarahs POV

Once i was finished in the bath i put on a bathrobe and walked in to daniels room, which she had a face mask on while painting her nails, she looked up at me and smiled ' Can you believe tonight really happened, like we touched them Sarah ' 'Yes Daniel i realized, but the night isn't over yet' i started to explain ' Well basically you see when louis was looking at the picture he slipped his number in to my phone, then he text me when i was in the bath and asked would we go to there party, i asked where it was and he told me the address of the hotel and floor, its the same hotel and floor as us there just down the hall, so i told him we'd be there ' i said catching my breath 'So you mean i'm going to an after party that Niall Horan will be at and i've only twenty minutes to get ready?' She said running to the bathroom washing off her face mask, ' Well yeah sorta ' 'Okay okay should i wear my white or my black dress' She continued talking to her self, i left her to get ready because i have to get ready my self, I walked into my bedroom and towel dried my hair, i then got some hair moose and scrunched it up into my hair and dryed it a bit more with the towel, once my hair was done i went to my bag i brought with a couple of nice close, i chose my american flag design crop top and my frilled black leather skirt, i put on some red heels to go with it, i then went to concentrate on my makeup, i hadn't brought my 'going out makeup' as i like to call it, because i wasn't expecting to be going to a party, so i tried to make the best with what i had, i put on some light foundation with a little bit of blusher, i fixed on some fake eyelashes then put on mascara, i put bright red lipstick on my lips to finish it off, once i had my makeup hair and outfit sorted i put on a thick black and silver bracelet and two sparkly thin silver bracelets on my left arm, making sure you couldn't see my scars on my wrist, I wouldn't want him to see them, he'd be turned off me altogether because of those ugly thick lines, not much people know about them, only my Mum Daniel and my ex boyfriend Andrew, and there the only people who will ever know, as soon as i said that my phone beeped, i look at it two see a message from louis

Message from: Louis :)xx - Hey! Your 15 minutes late, Your still coming aren't you ? :( x

and with that i walked out of my room to see daniel running from one room to another, she looks ready so i dont no what keeping her, she finally arrives out with her lucky bracelet in her hand , i looked at her and just laughed ' What? ' She said ' It might be my lucky night tonight ' 'Come on so lets go ' I said picking up my purse and room key while heading out the door down to theirs

Louis POV

I sit next to zayn and the little mix girls while i wait for Sarah, I'm getting pretty nervous, worrying she might not show, So i decided to take out my phone and text her to see if she was still coming, Once i sent my massage i got up and headed to the kitchen to find harry flirting with one of Perries (Zayns girlfriends) mates , God that boy never stops, I opened the fridge and got out a bottle of miller, I got the bottle opener and opened it up, i slugged a mouth full of it down then went back to the sitting room where everybody else was, I sat down and almost immediately as i did there was a knock on the hotel room door, i jumped up and opened it to see the most beautiful girl i have ever seen standing in front of me 'H-hello' i said barely ably to speak with her beauty, She blushed ' Hello' 'Would ye like to come in?' i asked stupidly seeing as why else would they be here, to stand in the hallway all day? 'Yes thank you' she said as a pushed back to let them true 'Can i get ye something to drink? What every drink you want well have it' 'Ill have a bud light please' Said daniel 'And ill have a vodka and coke' Sarah said 'Okay make yourself comfy i'll be back in a minute with yer drinks

They both sat on the couch while i walked into the kitchen, I went through the kitchen into the bedroom to find Niall and Edd playing there guitars in liam's room, As soon as i walked in they both looked up and stopped playing, Niall looked kind of nervous 'Is she here?' ' Yeah and shes with her friend daniel i think you two would make a good match there in the sitting room' ' Thats who im on about dummy!' He said laughing while running out of the room, I followed him as far as the kitchen and got the two girls there drinks, By the time i got back it was just Sarah sitting but her self, Niall must of worked he's magic because him or Daniel are no where to be seen, I sat down beside her and gave her drink to her while i drank Daniels not letting it get to waste, 'So what did you think of tonights show' i said quickly trying to start conversation, sounding a bit pushy ' Yeah i was so looking forward to it and it was worth it, you guys are brilliant' She said looking up at me smiling, The boys have the music up so its very loud in here, 'Would you like to go out on the blacony?' I asked her smiling 'Yes please' She said standing up waiting for me

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