This Is Me, Deal With It

This is my story for the Competition of Self Belief.


2. More Mini Stories

Just another story I wrote, but this one really happened to a boy at my school, I saw it happen. I helped him a bit. I am writing this from my POV so you see how it happened.

I saw the boy walk into the SAC and sit down at a table by him self. He had been going to my school for a month and had already been bullied by the football team. No one would sit by him or talk to him at all. Honestly he wasn't that bad, he was kind, sweet, and really smart. Anyways, he sat down and started to eat when the football tem came up to him. His table was right by mine so I heard the whole thing.

The team took his food and threw is away, then sat down by him. One kid took his glasses and put them in his bag. Another poured milk down the boys pants when I guess he had enough. "Stop." he said, not nervous at all. The team laughed, smacking him on the back of his head, but he said it again. "STOP" only, a little louder. "And why would we do that?" The captain said laughing. "Because you cant hurt me anymore."

He shoved the arm of one of the boys who had him by his shoulder. "What do you mean we cant hurt you? Your a nerd! A wimp! Of course we can hurt you!" "Physically yes, emotionally and mentally, no. I've had enough of you. Your nothing but a jerk who is weak enough to pick on the smart. Get lost and never touch me again." He said, looking the team the whole time! "You have no one to talk to, so how will you stand up to us?" they laughed. Now I had been picked on by them to, and had enough of them. I stood up and walked over to them, saying "He has me. And I have them," I gestured to my lunch table, who nodded. "Now you heard him, GET LOST." The team stood up and left. I got my food tray and gave it to him.

Since then he has become my best friend and I'm happy to say the team was caught bulling and has been put in detention for months to come.

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