This Is Me, Deal With It

This is my story for the Competition of Self Belief.


1. Who Do You Want Me To Be?

These are Mini Stories of People having problems with Self Belief, and how they deal with it.        

Story 1: The nerd

I walked into my class late that day. I had been stopped earlier by the girls who bully me. They push me and shove me. Then they laugh and walk of. Today was different, I walked in happy. Last Night I had looked in the mirror and got my razor, then I remembered something read.

"If you hate your self, go to the bathroom, take off your shirt, get your razor, and think of this. Months from now, having to say sorry and pull down your long sleeves, during summer, imagine your body covered in scars, marks, and bruises, that's right. Now put down the razor, put your shirt back on, walk out of the bathroom, and NEVER touch the razor again. Your beautiful."

I had done what it said, and I hated it! I decided to confront the girls and stop this. I had gone to school and waited for the girls, they seemed shocked but walked up to me. I stopped them saying, "You need to stop bugging and bullying me. I'm beautiful and I don't need to prove it to you, your just jealous or angry and bulling people makes you feel better, but all it is, is sick! Just like you! Now leave me alone and never talk to or bug me again. I had then pushed past them holding my head up high, and walked to class. They stood there, as if rooted to the spot.

*month later*

I walked into the gym and gasped, it was amazing! My Prom date walked up behind me and gave me my flowers and asked to dance. I couldn't believe this! I was at prom, with the high school quarterback as my date, who asked me! He said he would never ask girls like the ones who bullied me because they are pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside. He said I was pretty on the outside and on the inside. I couldn't be happier, I was me and proud of it.


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