Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


27. Welcome to your doom!

Niall's pov:

I can't believe it I finally found the lads after all this time. I ran ok not the room now with a big smile on my face. Sadly that happiness ended the minute I saw Louis,Zayn, and Harry's dead limb bodies lying on the floor. I searched the room in a panic for any sign that Liam was still alive. I was relived when I saw Liam on the floor looking at me with wide eyes. "N n niall is that really you?" I shook my head yes with tears streaming down my face.

I ran into Liam`s arms pulling him in a tight hug not wanting to let go of him. He did the same only he was billing his eyes now. "We thought you were dead Niall. We were so worried bout you. Why didn't you just come home with us when we did find you? We could have worked together and put this all behind us. Why Niall? Why?" 

I looked to my right and saw Marco standing their with a crazed look on his face and his left hand was a....... "G g g gun!!!!!!" I screamed in fear which only seemed to make him laugh like a crazy person. He looked at me smiling and said, "O don't worry Niall I won't shoot you. I can't say the same for him thew." I watched as he mentioned toward Liam. "I have a better way of getting ride of you my self. It's like they always say my boy if you want something done you have to do it your self."

Next thing I knew we were in a full on  hand battle with Marco. He was pushing me towards the window. I headed Liam screaming my name but I couldn't see him from where I  was standing. The last thing I headed before the glass shattered was Liam screaming " NOOOOO NIALL HANG ON ILL SAVE YOU!" I was climbing  on to the Windows ledge for life. I watched  Liam came running to e followed bye a gun shot. I screamed thinking that Liam got shot. 

Instead of seeing Marco I saw Liam run to the window. He grabbed my hands and I said, "Please Liam don't let me fall!" I was crying my eyes out now. Liam looked me in the eyes and said, "I wouldn't dream of it." Sadly thew Liam lost his grip and I fell to my doom. I just said to my self if  I don't wake up next to Liam in the hospital then let me wake up bye Louis, Harry, and Zayn.  I finally hit the ground and felt very bone in my body brake. I headed what sounded like Liam calling to me from the window. The only thing I could do was close my eyes and hope for the best. See you boys soon who ever it maybe.

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