Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


6. Trapped

Harry's pov:

"What are you doing?" Marco yells at me. "Go back onstage!" "Marco we have to call the police now!" I'm half crouched on the floor on the ground, Not able to control my violent sobs. Liam and Zayn run behind me, tears making their eyes shine. "Were not going to call anybody!" Marco screams again, "We had a deal! Go back on stage and sing!" I hear Louis voice echoing through the silent arena. Then I hear his microphone drop and he's back with us.


"Marco, Niall is missing!" Zayn screams back walking to him. "We can't preform on stage without him! Can we forget about our famous statues for one minute and think about what happened?! Niall got kidnaped and he's probably hurt! We have to call the police!" I sob harder. Just can't believe management is that heartless to the thought of Niall gone missing. He's such a pure person, knowing he can be any where, alone, in the wild world tears me apart.


He doesn't deserve this! We have to find him. As I put my hands on the floor about vomit because I cried so hard, Louis crouches down by me and pats my back. "Go back on stage!" is all Marco can say. Marco seems so angry, his face is turning red gradually. "The crowed is a total fuss." Louis replies, patting my back to make me feel better. "They're just as worried about Niall as we are, we can't go back out their if we don't find Niall." Marco angrily grabs his hair. He looks at Richard, Harry, and Will the other guys from management then he turns back to us. "Alright. Call the police and if they don't find him in four days, you'll go back on stage and we forget about Niall, fine?"


"Four days?!" Liam exclaims wiping away his tears. "They wont find him in four days! Your crazy!" "Five days." "Give us seven and its a deal." I say containing my sobs inside and showing  face to Marco. he holds my glare for a long time which feels like forever. Marco looks away and says in a whisper: "Fine seven days starting now." He then quits the arena with Richard, Harry, and Will and leaves us four alone.


Louis grabs my arm and puts me on my feet. he wipes away my tears and gives me another sheepish smile the tears sliding down his cheeks. Liam catches his phone and dials 9-1-1. "We have an emergency!" Liam exclaims nervously. "Niall form One Direction is missing! We have to find him!"


Niall's pov:


This morning   I woke up thinking it was all a bad nightmare. I'm siting on the couch watching TV. I didn't sleep much last night. I knew it was the concert and I couldn't help but cry almost all night long. I tried to man up  but  I just couldn't.  The unbearable pain growing in my heart everything has to get out. I can't contain it  inside. As I switch threw the channels something catches my eye. It's the morning news. My mouth drops to the floor when I realize they're talking about the show last night! I turn up the volume and listen carefully:

*The News*


Boy band One Direction is devastated. In deed , during their gig in London  last night they stopped singing in the middle of the performance and ran off stage crying. Band member Louis Tomlsion  claims that Niall Horan had gone missing. Apparently, his house is empty and they can't seem to join him.

The police are now searching for him signs have been placed every where and it's already on the social networks. We have a few messages form fans as devastated as the band member to see their favorite  Boy Band member diaper.

"Niall if you see this please come back!" Say's a girl while crying. "We love you So much, One Direction is nothing with out you!" "I can't believe Niall is missing."  Tells another girl, her puff and red eyes starting into the camera.

"I hope we find him soon and that he's alright he doesn't know how much we love and care about him." Every one is looking for him, Its total chaos. We've never seen this, a band member is appearing like this. Its a serious cause.

*End of News*


Then it starts talking about another news. My heart is so big into my chest. They called the police to find me. Im not alone! But  my happiness quits my band just as fast as it came. The management planned all of this since the beginning. They erased every sign of my existence. They wont be able to find me. Never! And if I give my self into the police, they'll know I've given myself. they're ready for everything.


Ounce again, I'm trapped. Every one is looking for me in the crowed but at the end for that day they'll never find what they've been searching for so long. Because they wont see it. I'm not Niall Haorn form One Direction any more. I am Niall James Horan, the normal, boring boy form Mullingar.


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