Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


26. Niall to the rescue

Niall's pov:

I waited till Friday to do this because I knew that Marco would be with all the lads talking about yesterday's stunt I also knew that he wouldn't be happy and that was fine with me. I called Cris up and said, "I'm ready." Then I ran out side only to see Cris just pulling up in his bright yellow taxi car. I smiled as I climb into the car. This is going to be fun.

Marco's pov:

I was waiting in my office gun in hand for thesis 4 idiots to show up here. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING! DRAWING ATTENTION TO THEM SELVES LIKE THAT!!! As soon as they walked into the room with their smiling faces I started to scream at them. "WHAT WAS THAT YESTERDAY! ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO RU WINE EVERY THING FOR ME! I TOLD YOU NIALL IS DEAD IT EVEN SAYS IT IN HIS GOD DAMN LETTER!" My face was bright red now. I heard a laugh come out of Harry so I pulled my gun out. This will shut him up! I thought.

I looked at harry with please in my eyes. I love the look of fear on some ones face. It brings me joy.

Dan's pov:

I looked at Marco scared to death. The man has lost his mind! Is he really going to shoot Harry just for laughing!? The worst part about this was that Harry was smiling about it! "Go on Marco pull the trigger see if I care. You killing me will be doing me a god damn bloody favor. I won't have to put up with your rubbish any more and I'll be free from you to be my self. The real me!" I looked over at Marco to see if he was going to do it. Sure enough he said, "Find smart ass die then see if I care!" Next thing I knew he pulled her the trigger and Harry slid down the wall clutching his wound the look of surprisement on his face. I was standing their not knowing what to do now. So I stead of sticking around to see how it would end I ran out of that room for my life.

Louis's pov:

I ran over to Harry with tears in my eyes. "HARRY!!! Hang in their your going to be all right where going to get you help." I had Harry's head in my lap now as I looked into his big green eyes that where losing their color bye the minute. My eyes where red and puffy now from crying to much. Harry smiled at me and said, "Louis don't c...cr....cry please. Try to s.....smil......smile for m.....me" I could see the pain and struggle in his eyes. He was trying to hold on for me.  I whipped the tear that slid from his face as I washed the color leave him and felt all life drain from him. It was at this very moment that I knew I just lost my best friend.

Zayn's pov:

I looked at Louis and that at Harry. I knew he was gone and the next thing  I did was stupid but I was angry and did it all out of rage. I ran up towards Marco ready to kill him screaming, "You son of a bit....." I never got to finish my sentence because bye that time Marco had me bye the neck. I heard Louis and Liam screaming and crying, "NOOOO DON'T DO IT PLEASE HE DIDN'T MEAN IT!!!" Bye then it was too late. I looked at them with tears in my eyes knowing what he was going to do. I made a quite pray to God and to my family and then with tears in my eyes I whispered, "Bye Liam. Bye Louis. Bye Niall." Then it was over every thing turned to black.

Louis's pov:

I don't know how he can sleep at night knowing what he has done. I looked at Liam and with tears in my eyes and shock on my face. Then I turned back to Zayn's body that was now as limb as Harry's only difference was Harry was shot Zayn got his neck snapped in half. I turned away the tears forming in my eyes now. I couldn't bear to look at him anymore. I looked at Marco he had a scary grin on his face as he walked towards me. I held my ground closed my eyes and opened my arm's up. "LOUIS RUN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"  I heard Liam screaming from over my shoulder. I opened my eyes and said, "What's the point infighting if where all going to die in the end?" Then the trigger went off I felt my body go limb and I knew I was hurt and dying.

I took one last look at Liam, then Harry and Zayn. Just as I was about to close my eyes I saw a blurry figure show up in the door way and run towards me. I smiled thinking that must be Niall as I closed my eyes. Getting ready to go into a sleep I will never wake up from again.

Liam's pov:

This is it. I thought to my self its the end for me too now. Louis, Harry, and Zayn are all dead and Niall isn't going to come to my rescue any time soon. I looked at Louis and mouthed good bye. Then looked at the door one last time not willing to give up hope just yet. "This is it Liam time to say good bye." I heard Marco say behind me. Just as Louis closed his eyes a figure appeared in front of the door. I waited as the figure opened the door. Their standing in front of me in flesh was..........


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