Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


2. New start

Liam's pov

"Where's Niall?" The concert ended up and we we're in the car to go back to our houses. We're about to drive off when I realize that some one is missing; Niall.  "Oh, he's already gone." Marco says. "What do him you mean he's already gone?" Zayn exclaims. "He wanted to go I don't really rember where." Marco replies with a clam voice. "And you let him leave?!" I tell outraged. "We have to leave all five together, he could get mobbed by fans or something!

There's not even a bodyguard with him?" "We trust him." Marco says. "But he'll be their tomorrow right?" Harry replies. "We have another concert tomorrow night." "Sure." Marco whispers as the car drives off. I don't understand how they let Niall leave like this.

We can never leave our body-guards, the mangers are too scared. So why suddenly, Niall would wish to go and they let him. I'll have to check out what's going on. It smells weird.

Niall's pov: I feel the cab stopping. I get up my guitar and tears and the tears are still shining on my cheeks. The sun is coming at the horizon. We drove all night long. The driver turns to look at me. "It's time to get out." he tells me. "Where am I supposed to go now?" I ask him, whipping my face with my sleeve. "Here's the address." The driver replies, giving me a little paper.


"They transferred your stuff over here." "I don't even have my house left?" "No, you're starting off from zero." I pass my hand over my face, desperate then I rub my neck. The driver gives me a sad smile. " I'm sorry chap." He says as a tear makes it's way down my cheek. "It's not easy but you can get through this, Don't worry." I just shake my head form left to right.


I just shake my head form left to right. "Were are we?" "Your lucky. We're in Ireland, at Mullingar." It's probably the only thing that they didn't take away; my child hood." I open the door of the cab then take my guitar any my bag. I look at the address of the paper and walk on the street. It feels like every step I'm taking is ripping a bigger hole in between me and the lads.


I look at every house, searching for the one with the good address. Finally  I found it.  It's a small wooden house. I sigh as I get to the entrance door. It's not even locked. I get in an all of my furniture is their. They're all crammed together; the house is not big enough to put distance between them. In my bed room, my clothing are in a big heap on the floor. I don't have energy left to clean the house. I don't even have energy to think. My head is crossed by a million of different thoughts I can't believe what is happing to me.


I lean my guitar against the wall then fall on my bed, exhausted.

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