Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


19. Memories and good times

Niall's pov:

I was at my house laying down on my bed to lazy to go up stairs and lay down on my bed. It was so quite in my house and I couldn't stand it any more. So I took my phone out and started to play with it. I had gotten a phone the other day and put the lads, Marco's and Cris's numbers all in it so I could reach them if  needed. The best part about this was that if I called the lads they wouldn't know it was me because the number was different.

After a while I got tired of looking at my phone so I put some music on. I decided to play some of our old songs on. Then i just layed down and let the memories come rushing back.

Me and the lads siting on the steps doing the Video Diaryies

Louis and Kevin talking about Zayn

Louis smearing Liam's face with a banna

Preforming in front of all the fans

Making crazy music videos

The interviews

Our first time preforming as band

Siting around a fire at Harry's house talking about the X-Factors

X-Factors and how I felt when I lost then the feeling I got finding out that I was going to be in a band

All memories that I trashed very much them and many more. I let a tear slip from my eye at the thought of never having this again. I had to tell my self now was not the time for crying I had to figure out my next plan and what it was going to be....

Liam's pov:

I was with  the lads in Marco's Office. We were all curious as to why we were here. I mean we still had tree more weeks left to look for Niall. Just then Marco's chair turned around and I saw that he had a smile on his face today. I wonder why or more importantly what he knew. "I'm guessing that you all are wondering why your here?" No one said a word at all every one just stood their and stared at him. We were all waiting for him to tell us.

"Well you all are here because I have some news about Niall." We were all on the edgd of our seats now when he said this. Louis was the first to brake the silence. "Well what is Marco?" Marco looked down at the ground the smile gone from his face. I looked over at Dan to see that he looked like he really cared about the guy he replaced in heart beat now. "Niall is DEAD." I watched in horror as Marco cried just like the rest of the lads all but Zayn.

Zayn for some weird reason had a twisted smile on his face as he looked up at Marco. Their was  an evil smile spread across his face. It was not happy, sad,or mad but twisted. To every one surprise Zayn spoke like his old self again. "NO NIALL IS NOT DEAD MARCO YOUR WRONG AND I KNOW YOU ARE!!!" I watched with sadness in my eyes as Zayn screamed his head off at Marco. I was so confused and I didn't know what to do all I could do was watch and wait. I really hope that what Marco said isn't real I want to believe that what Zayn was real. I really did.


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