Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


10. Its all wrong

Harry's pov:

It's 2:50am. It's been hours I'm lying in my bed. My eyes are closed, my body is exhausted, but my mind is completely awakened. I cant stop thinking about Niall. Niall's face is always coming back in my mind. Twisted images pop up in my head and make me freak out. I imagine Niall tied up to a chair, or even lying on a freezing floor being beaten up. I even imagine his poor dead body resting in deadly places an his face covered with blood.

I don't know why but my brain keeps torturing me by imagining those horrible scenarios. I cant get one minute of sleep. My mind is filled up of those horrible images I create up. It's been four days I'm not sleeping well. I get about two hours of sleep every night. But tonight, it seems like I can't get only two minutes. Maybe because there's only two days left before the deadline Marco gave us?

I don't know. I'm just so preoccupied by this whole Niall thing. I'm just get so over whelmed buy everything. I cant think well. I concentrate really hard to chase away these images and to try to sleep. I guess it works because  my mind is now empty and my breathe is getting slower and deeper. But I suddenly I wake up with a jump, straight like a pole and sweating like I just went for a marathon.

I look at the clock; it's 3am. It's only been 10 minutes I'm sleeping. I just had the worst nightmare. Niall was yelling out of my name for help, he was falling into some big volcano, and I was there, watching him fall. Niall looked at me with his blue puppy eyes and fell in the lava. I saw his body burn up, his flesh get off his bones and the blood flow out form everywhere.

Niall's eyes jumped out their orbits and melted , just like his entire body. And all I was doing was watching him die. I try to calm my heavy breathe and quickly grab my phone. I dial Louis' number. "Hello...?" Louis' sleepy voice finally answers. "Louis..." I whisper. "It's Harry. I can't sleep." "What's wrong Haz? why can't you sleep?"

"Louis, It's been four days my brain is creating up some psycho scenarios and I have horrible nightmares." I explain, wiping away the sweat marks on my forehead. "I am so worried Lou." "For what?" Louis says. He seems to get the half of what I'm  saying. He was probably sleeping like a baby while I was killing my self with those thoughts. "For Niall..." I murmur into the phone. "I can t wrap my head around the idea he got kidnapped or something... Why didn't they take us? Like take anybody but not Niall! He's so pure... he's like a child..."

"Were all as worried as you Haz." Louis replies. He seems to awake now. His voice is really calm and I can tell he's trying to comfort me and make me feel better. "Were all worried and it's not easy for us either. But you have to trust the police. they're doing their job right and they'll find him." "But what if he's dead..." There's a long silence in which I can hear Louis breathing slowly. I close my eyes but a tear slips through my eyelid anyway. "What if they find him but he's dead...?" I repeat, sniffling loudly. "Harry, I'm sure he's not dead." Louis says after a long moment.

"I'm sure he's alive totally feeling right . I'm sure he's thinking of us like we do and he's looking forwarded to seeing us back. I promise, he's not dead." "Your sure...?" The tears are starting to wet my sheets. "I am, Haz." Louis whispers. "I want you to stop thinking about those  crazy things and empty your ,mind. Niall is alright. Just sleep now, okay? Don't worry, it'll be fine."

"Alright. Thanks Lou. I love you." I say with a shaky voice. "No problem, Haz. I love you too." I hang up and fall on my pillow. Talking to Louis always relaxes me, he gives the best advices.

Louis's pov:

"We have no clues to find him. We think he might be dead." The police called us today and asked us to come over to their office. Liam, Zayn, Harry and I are standing one beside the other, listing to the cop in front of us. "W~what?" Liam stutters. "He might be dead." The cop repeats. "We'll send the police cars everywhere if Europe. I f we still can't find him, it'll be an international investigation." I watch Harry from the corner of my eyes. He's crying silently. I feel so bad. I promised him Niall wasn't dead, and here they're telling us he might be. I start crying as well. Liam and Zayn are doing the same.

"There are no clues?" I say biting my lip from the pain. "I mean, nowhere? You searched in his house, there wasn't fingerprints of blood marks?" "No Mr. Tomlinson. There had nothing of that. We searched for a long time and we can't do anything if we don't have a start." I can see Harry killing me with his gaze. I put my hand on his shoulder to say I'm sorry.

I can see Zayn to my right, he's holding his face in his hands. His body is shaking from the sobs. Liam is crying silently  and pats  Zayn's back. We didn't expect that. Now that I know Niall might be dead, I feel my heart trying to jump out of my chest. I just want to shout in the cops face. "HE  CAN'T BE DEAD JUST SEARCH MORE HE'S PROBALY RIHGT UNDER YOUR EYES!" I just want to throw something in hi face. I'm just so angry and heartbroken at the same time.

He's standing there watching us cry. But Jesus Christ you could be driving in your car looking for clues to find Niall, what are you waiting for?! I open my mouth, anger taking all over my body, ready to shout something cruel, when a hand grabs my shoulder. I look behind; it's Paul. "Boys, we need to go now, we have to go to the studios."

We silently get into the car and it drives to the studios. We all look like zombies. We're  all so shocked. I don't even know what we're doing in the studios. I just want to go to my place and nestle in my bed to cry my pain out. Marco greets us. "What are we doing here...?" I murmur my voice full of tear. "I  mean, We just learnt Niall might be dead, can we have a brake or something?" "Nope!" Marco says. "Today starts the auditions!"

"What auditions?" Liam exclaims. "The auditions fro the new member that's going to take Niall's place!" "Are you fucking kidding me!?" Zayn screamed those words along with me. "We can't have a new member different from Niall!" Liam shouts. "And our deadline is in two days!" Harry's yells. "Who said we couldn't start the auditions now?" Marco calmly says. "We can choose the winner in two days!"

"How can you even think about making someone else take Niall's place  when he's gone missing?!" I cry. "It's not like he wanted this!" "lets go, boys are waiting for their auditions to start." Marco replies, completely ignoring my words and showing me his back. "You are a sick individual..." Zayn whispers between his teeth.



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