Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


21. Hugs and Niall?

Harry's pov:

I noticed that Zayn was missing so I started to wander around for a bit looking for Zayn. It was just then that I heard crying followed bye talking. I walked to the old recording room to see Zayn siting on the ground wit tears in his eyes talking to some one who wasn't their. I was about to walk in to make sure he was okay but ended up waiting and watching to see what was going on.

Zayn's pov:

I was siting on the floor crying well I waited for some one to find me when I heard some one knock on the door. I turned my head to see no other then Niall Horan. I was crying even more now at the sight of him. "Hey Zayn are you all right? I heard crying coming form in here." Niall was walking over to me now. I new that it couldn't have really been him. Marco just told us that he was dead that I walked/ran out of the room in tears.

I looked at Niall said, "Is that you Niall?" He smiled at me and pulled me into a hug. I can't believe that Niall was siting here with me hugging me.  I couldn't believe that this was happing. Just then Niall looked up scared. "What's wrong Niall?" I asked him sounding scared. "I have to go now! I'm sorry Zayn." He got up and started to run out the door. "Wait Niall no don't go!" I said chasing after him. As I was running out the door I ran into Harry. "Come on Harry you have to help me catch Niall he's getting away!"

Harry's pov:

I looked at Zayn with a worried look on my face as he pointed down the hall way that Niall was suppose to be running down. "Zayn no one is their."He stood their and looked where he was pointing. "Where did Niall go?" He asked me on the verge of tears. I didn't know what to say so I just brought him back to the lads.

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