Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


11. He's missing

Zayn's pov:

I'm siting on an uncomfortable chair along with Louis, Liam, Harry, and Marco, listing to some guys sing for the auditions. I can't really say I'm listening. I'm more killing them with my gaze then enjoying their voices. All of those boys that are willing to take Niall's place. They sickness me. their lips are forming the words to their songs, the boys taking notes, and im just staring at the contestants with those knives in my eyes.

The band is literally falling apart under our eyes. One direction is all 5, not Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis, and some random duded! Niall is apart of this band and he will always be apart of this band. I can't let this happen. I turn the pen in my hand over and over again, sometimes chewing on it to contain my anger. I can see the other boys are getting just as pissed as me. Their writing a few words on their papers and their not paying attention. We don't care.

Were all just thinking about Niall. We never wanted any of this to happen. Another guy comes into audition. I don't really pay attention until Marco ask him why we should take him in. "I think you should take me in because I'm way better then Niall." says the guy. "I'm more attractive and more talented." My mouth drops to the floor of disgust.

I bite my tongue hardly, to not say something, to keep it all inside. I can taste the blood in my mouth. My muscles contract and I can feel the anger burning deep down inside my stomach. The boys didn't listen and hear what the guy had said. I never met the person before, but I hate him. I hate him in every possible way. I hate him to death. His eyes are injected of blood, he makes my internals boil of anger. If he moves, Im going to jump on him and punch him.

I feel so aggressive, I just want to feel my fist crash against his bones, to feel my nails scratch his flesh and see the blood flow out his veins. I WANT HIM TO DIE. Niall's absences makes me suffer so much, I just don't want to see some one go and try to replace him. And this guy was trying to. I never felt like this before, it kills me. It eats up guts, changes my usual calm mood and disorients my common sense. I cant stand on my chair.

Marco nodes and the guy starts to sing. His voice to my ears is the last thing I need. It could have been worse thew. I get up fast and my chair falls back.  I fiercely throw my pen in the contestant's face, clenching my teeth. I put both of my hands under the table, curling it around the edge, and flip it upside down. It lands with a huge crash and I leave the room, breathing heavily to let the emotions out.

I can hear the room go silent. Every one is shocked but I don't care. I walk fast in the studios, yelling my lungs out. The tears make their way down my face joining the red of cheeks. I lean my elbows against a wall and let out a heart braking shout. I can hear fast foot steps behind me. My mouth is widely opened, my body is shaking violently and my eye lids are tightly closed together. I  just cant stop screaming, Niall's face popping up in my head. it hurts me so much so much...

Someone grabbes my waist and makes me turn around. it's Liam. He takes my head with both hands. "ZAYN!" he screams over my shouts trying to calm my whimpers. "Zayn calm down! Zayn please its okay, come back! Zayn calm down!" I stop yelling and stick all the pain my belly. I swallow slowly, looking straight into Liam's brown eyes. "What's wrong lad?" Liam ask me, taking his hand off my head and wiping away the tears from my cheeks.

"Liam its unbearable!" I yell, whimpering violently. "The band is falling apart right under our eyes! Their searching for a guy to take Niall's place! He doesn't deserve that! They don't seem to get that Niall is human and we cant just replace him! He's gone missing; He didn't ask to be kidnapped! He didn't ask to be replace, or he didn't just  go on a trip, HE'S FUCKING MISSING, LIAM! Can we forget that he's famous and in a band and think about his citizen status?! He's got family, friends, and even fans out their worrying about him!

And all they think is to try and replace him! It sickens the fuck out of me. I cant's stand being in this room any longer! I just want to kill every contestant with my bare hands! " I kneel down and start to cry again. Liam pats my back, quietly. All of the boys are, they don't know  how to replay. They don't replay because they all agree with me and know that im right, and I know they do.


Niall's pov:

I'm pacing in the living room. I t's been now about a week that I've gone missing. It's been a week im drowning in my owen pain and despair. it's been a week im felling alone and dis contacted form the world... But now its time for things to change. I can't let my self be eaten bye the pain. I have to fight back. That's what my  mom told me and she's right!  So hear I am in my Mullingar wooden house, rubbing my hands together, trying to find what to do first to prove that im still alive.

What be the best way to remove some doubts but make some stay...? I'm so focused, I'm looking in my deepest thoughts, this question running around my head;What to do?  Suddenly, a weird noise takes me out of thoughts. I frown my eye brows then look out side the window. Theirs a police man slowly coming down the street, it's blue and red lights on, the shrill sirens hurting my ears like hysteric screaming fans.

When I see it, all of my muscles contract at the same time. I freak out. Its coming near my house! Their probably looking for me! Just yesterday I was the number one police infestation. I heard on the news that they sent police cars every were in Europe. I'm frozen in front of my window, my chest going up and down quickly with my heavy breathe.

Im not ready now! I haven't figured out the first step! I cant walk out and make a car stop so they can get me...no...I cant...im not ready. All my thoughts are fighting in my head. Wat to do and what not to do. Im so confused. And again, that feeling of being trapped is taking over my body. I want to brake the window and jump into the police cat. "IM NIALL! YOUR LOOKING FOR ME! JUST LOOK INTO MY EYES! LOOK AT MY HAIR ITS ME JSUT WITH MY HAIR MESSY INSTEAD OF UP! TAKE THE GLASS OFF YOU'LL SEE!" I close my eye lids tightly and the tears slip threw them. I grabbed the curtains tightly and close them.

They stop the sun beams from getting into the living room. I turn around and slowly slide my back down the wall, then I burst out crying. I put my hands on my face, the water wetting my sweaty hands. What going on? I literally lost control of the situation... I hear the sirens go farther away from my house, as I sob like a baby, my head resting in my hands.



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