Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


4. Deniall

Niall's pov

I'm lying on my bed, starting at the ceiling. I'm remembering the good times with the boys. When we were put together at boot camp back in 2010, and the X-Factor performances. I remember the tears when we wore eliminated. Then he joy when we were signed.

The excitement of our first song, our  first music video, our first albums. Of course our first tour who could forget. A smile crossed my face as I remember our first Brit award. Then a tear falls down as I realize all of this is over.  Why do I keep doing this to my self. I just can't stop thinking about all of this.

I was living the dream... but I lost it all. I should've stayed to my first affirmation. This doesn't happen to people form Mullingar. As I beg my mind t stop torturing my self. Something vibrates on the table my bed. It was my cell phone.

I take it slowly and I look at the text message I just got. My heart skips a beat . It's Harry, "WERE ARE YOU NIALLER?! WE'RE SO WORRIED! COME BACK NOW!" There's a fight inside of my head. My heart wants to replay so badly. "I'm Mullingar, Harry! I'm alright! Come and take me! Please help me, Harry!" But my conscious knows it's wrong. If I talk to harry, Marco and e rest of management will learn about it. Then They'll trap me! I'm afraid.

I've been raised being told to follow my heart. I think this time this rule no longer works. I have to go with my mind. I deleted Harry's message  and sadly put it back on the table. I fall back on my pillow and scream my lungs out into it.


Zayn's pov:


The boys and I just arrived at Niall's house. I slowly walk to the front door and knock. Nothing. "Niall? It's me Zayn! Let us in!" Still nothing. I turn to  the lads and they frown. I take the door knob and delicately turn it. Strangely the door is not locked. I get it and the boy's follow me.

"Niall?" I whisper. My mouth drops to the floor as we walk into the living the room. All the furniture is gone. The house is empty. My heart starts to beat faster as I start to run in the house, the boys doing the same. Everywhere I go, in every  room, there's  nothing. No furniture, no clothes, no notes, noting


I'm gleaming breathless of anxiety. I find the boys in Niall's bed room all of them as worried as me. "But what in the hell happened here?" Louis exclaims trying to hide his shaking voice. "There's not a thing left! Where did he go last night instead of taking our car?!" "I don't know but I do know that I don't like this." I reply contacting my tears. "Did he tell any of you he'd moved?  He would've called to tell us where he I something! He can't be gone like that, leaving his house empty with out any clues!"

"That's so weird; he knows we have a concert tonight." Harry tells himself  also anxious. "The door wasn't locked maybe some thieves  took away his stuff?! Marco told us he'd be back! Where is he?!" "We have to call him now, our dead line is almost over!" Liam say's. "I'm so confused, something bad maybe happened to him! Maybe he got kid napped or something  along with  his house?! He probably got home last night and some people had followed him!"

"Oh my god, we have to find him!" I take out my phone and hardly dial Niall's number. My hand shaking I put the phone on my ear and wait for an answer.


Niall's pov:

The time passed by but I didn't even notice. It's about 5o'clock and I'm cooking something easy to eat. I'm so weak; I haven't done anything the whole day except for think about the boys. Deleting Harry's text was like killing a puppy. It made me cry, again. As I chase away this thought form my mind I heard a ring. I run to my bed room, happy to know someone wants to talk to me, to know I'm not alone.

I take my phone and through tightens. My mouth goes dry and I fall on my weak knees. Not again. No Zayn's calling me. I can't dismiss his call. It's real torture I want to talk to him! I want to hear his voice cheering me up, I want to hear him tell me he'll come and get and get me that it's going to be alright, that  it's a nightmare and that I'm still in the band.


But I can't. I'm on my knee's the ring of my phone echoing through my room. Suddenly it stops ring. Water flows out of my eye's hopeless. I curl up on my self when I hear Zayn's worried, shaky and full of tears voice leaving a message into my voice email. It said, "NIALLER WHERE ARE YOU? PLEASE CALL BACK! YOUR HOUSE IS EMPTY AND WE'RE SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU! PLEASE TELL US YOU'RE ALRIGHT! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH..."



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