Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


5. Crowded pain

Marco's pov:

I'm impatiently waiting backstage at the boy's concert. I keep starring at my watch, stressed out because they're late. I gave them the whole after noon to try and find Niall. We hid him too well, we erased all the proof, they won't find him. I smirk to my self as I finally see their faces. "Finally, you're here." I say, pushing them to the dressing room.


"Come on, get dressed and let's get ready to go on stage!" Louis abruptly stops walking and turns around. "Marco we can't go on stage!" Louis screams, obviously not able to contain his anger. "Niall is missing! We went to the house and it's empty there's nothing left! We texted and called him a million times and he won't answer! Listen, something bad probably happened to him! We have to find him!"

Louis starts into my eye's for along time, "Niall better keep ignoring the calls." I think as I hold on his glance. "You four are going to get dressed. get your makeup on go outside and sing." I reply trying to stay calm. "Marco, you don't seem to get it." Zayn say's, stepping beside Louis. "We can't go on stage and sing with out Niall! He's  gone missing we have to find him now!" "We had a deal boys." I say clenching my teeth. "You had the whole after noon to get Niall back and if you didn't, you would go on stage and sing with out him."


I look around. "I can see that he's not back that means you go on stage." Louis gives me an aggressive look. "Fine." he say's.


Louis's pov:

I'm looking each  side of me. I can tell that the boy's don't have their hearts into singing right now. The screams of the crowed are echoing in my ears as we sing Little Thing's chorus. We're hidden in the dark of the stage, only week spotlighting us up. We're singing without emotions. It feels so weird to sing without Niall. His voice is so unique that it's so obvious he's not singing with us.


I keep singing as I stare into the crowed, trying to see if anyone noticed something different. Suddenly we all stop singing. Niall's part. I don't know what to do. I just want to collapse and cry. Where is our poor Nialler....?

We all look at each other, we weren't ready for this. The crowed slowly fades out. They're finally completely silent. There's not a scream, not a word being said. It's a dead silence. All of sudden, a girl screams; "Where's Niall?!"


The whole crowed starts to chant: "Niall! Niall! Niall!" I watched the boy's from the  corner of my eye's, too emotional to even do some thing. Suddenly, I see Harry dropping his microphone on the stage. He stratus at the crowed for a long time, all of them going back to silence, them loses it. He burst out crying and run's out and off the stage.  I can't move, my feet are stuck on the ground. My eye's are tearing up as I see Liam and Zayn following Harry out and off the stage.


The crowed doesn't understand what's going on, they're all standing in front of me, waiting for something to happen. I open my mouth and say with an uncontrollably shaking voice; "Niall has gone missing..." My voice strangles and a tear falls down my face with out warming. "Sorry for wasting your night.." I drop my microphone and run out off the stage the tears sliding like falls.


The crowed is silent for a few seconds after my words. Then I heat the crowed going loud again. They scream of fear and I can hear a lot of them crying. it's a big fuss. To hear all million foot steps, I guess they're all running to get out of the arena.

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