Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


29. Angel's don't die

Niall's pov:

I felt people rushing around me and heated the doctors talking to me. So why did I  still the light. I looked closer to the light and saw that their was a tree on the  other side of the giant gate in front of me. I stepped back as the gate opened up. All of a sudden I felt something light on my shoulders. I looked behind me to see I had white fluffy wings. Then I looked back at the tree and saw their we're 3 Angel 's under  the tree. I walked a little closer as their details came into doc is more. Omg no way! "HARRY! LOUIS! ZAYN! IS THAT REALLY YOU GUYS?" I ran to the lads as they did the same wrapping their arms around me. We were hugging each other and jumping well cheering with joy. Then all of a sudden Louis stopped jumping and he looked sad.

I turned to Louis and said, "What's  the matter?" Louis looked up at me and said with tears in his eyes again. "Your here is what's wrong." I looked at Louis with a schooled look on my face. "What do you mean I'm here Louis. You don't want me here?" Louis shook his head and turned away from me. "It's not that I'm mot glad to see you Niall it's just that if your here that means that your dead. You don't belong here Niall." I looked to Harry and Zayn for some wisdom and all I got was a head node and a shrug from Harry.

Zayn stepped up to me and said, " Niall..... I don't want you to go trust me. We just found you and now we have to say good bye again? It's crazy I know but Louis is right Niall. Angel 's can't die. That's why you can't be here. Your an angel Niall so your still needed on earth. We're done on earth Niall. I'm sorry but this is good bye." Zayn gave me a hug and walked away. I had tears in my  ow  I under stood what they ment. I gave Louis and Harry a hug. Then I turned back  the gate and the saw the doctors rushing to save my life. I heard Liam crying over the lads saying, "Lads if you can hear me then please take care of Niall. I wish he would stay here with me but it's not up to me." 

I looked down at the ground and started to walk towards the gate. "NIALL DON'T GO!" I felt Harry's arms wrapped around my leg like a little kid he wants his mommy to stay. I looked down at Harry with a smile on my face. "I'm mot leaving you Harry it's just not my time to be here. Ill be back here soon just I don't belong here right now." I gave Harry one last a hug  and a kiss on the check.  

Liam's pov:

They just brought Niall back to his room. The doctor poked at me with a sad look on his face. "Is Niall going to  Okay?" "We did all we could and managed to save him but he's in a coma. Wether he wakes up or not is up to him." I nodded my head as I walked into his room. I had a teary smile on my face. "Thank you Niall for staying with me. I really need you more then ever."  I sat their looking at Niall. I reached out for his hand and squeezed it tight. As soon as I touched his hand his eyes opened up. I was crying even harder now. As Niall looked at me. "Liam is that you?" I shook my head pulling him into a hug. "Yes Niall it's me I'm right here."

Harry's pov:

I stood their looking at Niall and Liam hugging. It made me remember what it felt like to be Held by the both of them. A tear slipped down my face as Louis pulled me into a hug wrapping his wings round me. "I know it's hard Harry but we have to let him go and move on for the best. Well see them again soon. For  now we need to move on and forget this day so do they. The only way they can move on is if we let them go. So don't be sad that were dead and their not. Be happy that we got to know them for as long as we did and this day is going to be over soon. Okay Harry the story isn't over this is true but it's your choice when to turn the page and start a new chapter." I smiled at Louis knowing that he was right. I took a deep breath and let one more tear slid down my face. I closed my eyes and whispered very softly."God by Liam and Niall I'll never for get you." Then I turnea d away for ever. 

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