Undercover as a Model

I'm Chloe Levine, 17 years old from Miami Florida. I'm in my last year of high school. I'm a professional killer that protects the good ones, and desappear the bad ones. In one of my missions I have to get into Justin Bieber's life, to get to his father, without getting him to notice who I really am ad what I really want. In my training they made me deside what I wanted to be outside the job. I picked a Model. And this story starts like this...


8. Thoughts

 I called Carly, I told her I was going straight to the hotel in Jacksonville because I knew I was late, but that I was going to get there on time, I literally had to promise her I was going to be punctual at the hotel so I did. In that same hotel was staying Justin and his little crew, also the fashion show was going to be there. Everything was calculated.

I got out of the car in front of the hotel, and as soon as I did everybody was staring at me, some paparazzi got crazy looking at me that forgot he had to take pictures. I laugh. 
When I got in Carly wasn't here yet. I sat there for like 5 minutes when I saw her and the others models walking in. I got up and went directly to her. 
"You're late!" I said the same way she does to me. "Omg I can't believe your here before me" she said happy. "You wanted me here, I'm here that's my job, isn't it?" "My dear I'm proud of you" she said sounding like my mom. "Don't act like mom please it get's me a heart attack every time someone talks so cheesy. 
She turned around and when to the receptionist and then came to us and started to hand out some room keys..
 "Everyone of you are going to share the rooms, two people in every room." She said while passing them out. Then she gave me my key it was different from the others. "I got the suite for myself?" I ask confused. "You do" "But why we have to share simple rooms, and she gets the suite for herself?" Charlotte yelled looking mad. Poor of her. "Because her represent payed for it" she said making it clear, it wasn't because of preference. "Luke payed for it" I asked confused again. "He did, he said your job deserve the best treatments" she said and started walking away. "I want to see you all at the pool at 4:00. All of you" she said while disappearing. 

"I don't get why you get all those privileges" Charlotte said walking to me and stopping in front of me. I want to see her face when she gets to see me in the Lamborghini, she'll be so pissed off cause she have ever wanted to drive one, but she don't have enough to make it happen. "Simply because I'm the best" I said smiling. I saw her hand and knew what she was you going to do. I stopped her. "You touch me and I swear this will be the end of your career, and glamorous life" I said slowly and with a whole different expression in my face, I can see she got scared, but she tried her best to hide it. "Got it?" I said while taking my hand of hers slowly, she just walked away. Good. 
We were all in our rooms by now. As soon as I got to my suite I went straight to the balcony. The view of the city was incredible. It felt so relaxing in here. I threw myself on the king size bed. 

Ryan's POV

 Fredo and I were walking around the hotel when we saw the paradise. "Am I alive?" "Bro I'm talking to you" he said trying to bring me back. But too many beautiful girls in the same place as me, made me think with my other head. 
"RYAAN" I heard Fredo screaming in my face. "What thee fuck, stop screaming and look" I told him, pointing at the girls. "Wooow" that's all Fredo said. "Do you think they are the models of the Fashion Show that we are invited to?" I asked without taking my eyes of them.
 "If they are I have no idea how are we going to control our selves around them" he said. And it's true. But one of them looked really familiar to me, like I've seen her before. But I couldn't concentrate. "Let's go Justin waiting for us" Fredo said taking my hand and basically forcing me to leave the lobby. 

Justin's POV 
 I'm here in my hotel room all by myself. I haven't stop thinking about the girl I saw yesterday. She looked like a Goddess, so beautiful, fragile, and perfect. It took me 5 minutes handle myself to stop thinking about her. 
I got up and decide to take a walk, since Fredo, Ryan and Scooter already doing their business is my turn.

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