Undercover as a Model

I'm Chloe Levine, 17 years old from Miami Florida. I'm in my last year of high school. I'm a professional killer that protects the good ones, and desappear the bad ones. In one of my missions I have to get into Justin Bieber's life, to get to his father, without getting him to notice who I really am ad what I really want. In my training they made me deside what I wanted to be outside the job. I picked a Model. And this story starts like this...


4. Scooter and his rules

Justin Bieber's POV

"JUUSTIIINNNN" I heard Scooter's voice like every morning. I open my eyes and the first thing I see is Alfredo and Ryan holding a jar filled with water and then all I know is I'm all wet, in my bed and Fredo and Ryan running. "Yeah run, I'm going to get my revenge" I yelled at them while getting up my bed and walking towards the bathroom all wet. Today I'm supposed to go on a meeting with Scooter and my studio people so I better hurry. When I finished having a shower and got dressed, I made my way downstairs. I saw Fredo and Ryan playing XBox and Scooter on the phone. "So how was your morning" Ryan asked laughing. "Pretty good taking out the part where you and Fredo got me all wet" I said turning off the Tv. "Heeey" Fredo yelled "Is not the tv fault turn it on" he said standing up. "No more video games, I want you all in the car right now, and right now already past" he said in an ordering voice. "Yes dad" we all said holding our laughs and walking to the car in front of my house. We got to the studio and there where some fans in there, I'm guessing waiting for my arrival. I got out of the car and started run to me. They were like 8 of them so I let them get to me. "OMG Justin Bieber I love you so much" one of them said crying. "Hey sweetie don't cry" I said giving her a hug. "And I love you all, but I really have to keep going" I said and they all nodded. "Thanks girls" I said walking through the door to find Scooter and the boys waiting. "I thought they were going to kill you" said Ryan. "Don't talk like that about my Beliebers" I said in a serious tone. I have never liked when people express themselves like that, my Beliebers will never do anything to hurt me, and I will never do anything to hurt them. We got in the studio and Scooter started to talk. "Well, in a couple of days we are going to attend a Fashion Show in Jacksonville. I'm going to say this once so listen clearly" he said looking slowly to all of us "listening" Ryan said, we all started laughing. "Stop" Scooter said serious. "I don't want any of you near or way to close with any of the models. They are there to do a Fashion Show and you all are going to be there as guest" he said. "Is not fair" Fredo said, "And how I'm supposed to find my other half if you don't let get near them" he said like a little kid. "Just take a picture, it will last longer" Scooter reply. "Well let's go our plane to Florida is waiting for us" he said making us move.

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