Undercover as a Model

I'm Chloe Levine, 17 years old from Miami Florida. I'm in my last year of high school. I'm a professional killer that protects the good ones, and desappear the bad ones. In one of my missions I have to get into Justin Bieber's life, to get to his father, without getting him to notice who I really am ad what I really want. In my training they made me deside what I wanted to be outside the job. I picked a Model. And this story starts like this...


7. Rush, trouble & new car

Chloe POV:

   I open my eyes, and sit in my place. I'm can't stop thinking about him, it's like a virus in my head. Hate feeling like this. 

Well I got up an went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After I brushed them and took a quick shower I change in some simple dickies, an white top and my vans color turquoise. That's my favorite color. Took my medium size luggage, my phone, my wallet and my keys and put them in my purse. After I got outside my apartment I locked the door besides me. I walked out of the building and I immediately saw my beautiful audi8, that was my dream car and it become true to have it. Is the love of my life. After getting in with all my staff, I started to run it, while I was heading to the agency I notice someone was following me. I tried to think it was all me, but after going around in circles I realize that they were definitely following me. "SHIT" I said trying to reach my phone that was inside my purse. Once I got it  I called Luke and put it on speaker, he answered quickly.
"Luke got trouble" I said looking for my .45 with silencer that was behind my seat, and a 9mm from my purse, I always carry it with me. "What you mean trouble" "I FUCKING MEAN SOME IS FUCKING FOLLOWING ME" I yelled at him. "Shit that must be Andria, I told you, you should have killed her when you had you" he yelled at me back. "I don't want to talk about it, and in my fucking car an everybody recognize it, DAMN IT" they started to shoot. "Are you okay?" Luke ask like serious dude? "No I'm not give me a second." I said while turning my car around and with my .45 starting to shoot at the tired, I got good aim and hit the first two tires from 2 shots. "Got one car down" I said to Luke. "When your finish there I want you in my office" he said and hung up. Ugggh he thinks this is easy. Just one more and I'm done. I looked at the time in my car 10:50, Carly is going to kill me because of this motherfuckers. I better kill them than deal with them later.

I stopped my car in the middle of the road thanks God it was almost empty except for 3 or 4 car passing. They stopped and got out of the car pointing the guns at my car. I got out and turn around shooting them both in the head. I'm really good at this. Got back in my car and head to Luke's agency. Andria  is going to pay for what they did to my car, I swear she will.

When I got to the agency Luke was already outside the gate of my private parking. "I'm glad you make it" he said when I got out of the car. "Why wouldn't I?" I said and is true, he knows I'm not a person easy to kill. "For the love I have to you, I'm going to fix your car and let you drive my white Lamborghini" he said calmly. "Thanks is so adorable coming from you, I got to admit. But also got me thinking why your car and not another from the garage" I asked and it's true, why would he give me his car instead of another. "Well for your mission the Audi could help, but there's no such thing that impress a boy than a girl driving a Lamborghini." He said smiling. "Being the things like that, the keys" I basically order him to give them to me. He took them out of his pocket and hand them to me. "Now could you pass all my stuff to my new car, I'm running late and my manager is going to get mad" I said in a playful voice. "Since when you care how mad somebody gets because of you?" "Never I just want to finish this, and I'm running even late every second we talk" I said while getting in the Lamborghini. And he finish getting my stuff in the back of the car. "Bye" I said and got out of there. My destination, Jacksonville. 



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