Undercover as a Model

I'm Chloe Levine, 17 years old from Miami Florida. I'm in my last year of high school. I'm a professional killer that protects the good ones, and desappear the bad ones. In one of my missions I have to get into Justin Bieber's life, to get to his father, without getting him to notice who I really am ad what I really want. In my training they made me deside what I wanted to be outside the job. I picked a Model. And this story starts like this...


3. My mission

Chloe POV 
 "If you had told me that before leaving, I would have let you go by yourself" I said in a caring voice. "I thought wrong then" she said "I'm sorry for not telling you I was leaving" "Don't worry, I know your going to get more missions to do by yourself, I just don't want to loose you" I said, and it's true, I don't her to get killed, I'm like her big sister since, her's got shot in a night club, "by confussion" the guy said before I killed him. I promised Alexa I was going to find him and kill him, so I did. "And you won't Lev, but you better hurry to Luke, and his capuccino" She said dragging me to the elevator. "He isn't in a good mood, is he?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Something came up, just a little trouble I heard" she said. "Well let's find out" I said walking out of the elevator and in Luke's office, without even bothering to knock. 
"Never on time" Luke said. "When I have to see you, never honey" I said handing him his capuccino and sipping from mines. "I got you an interesting mission this time" he said a little more calm. "I heard you had some trouble today" "That's right, is also connected with your mission" he said. "Bring it on, I'll take anything" I said happy. "You know it will be cool if I have to kill somebody today, I feel in the mood of doing anything you want babe" I said smiling. "Your so sweet, that's why I love you" he said with sarcasm "but you won't have to kill anybody in this mission unless is necessary. This is something completely different." He said getting serious this time. "You have a fashion show in the next few days" he said "I know, is going to be in Jacksonville, why?" I asked in confussion. "Your going to have the presence of Justin Bieber in there, I need you to enter his life and get near his father, Jeremy Bieber. He has something that can brake this agency appart with all of us in it. We cannot just steal it but kill him. Your the best shot I have, take it or not?" He finished and I wasn't surprise I had to make someone fall in love with me and let me get into their life's, but Justin Bieber's I'm not sure... 

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