Undercover as a Model

I'm Chloe Levine, 17 years old from Miami Florida. I'm in my last year of high school. I'm a professional killer that protects the good ones, and desappear the bad ones. In one of my missions I have to get into Justin Bieber's life, to get to his father, without getting him to notice who I really am ad what I really want. In my training they made me deside what I wanted to be outside the job. I picked a Model. And this story starts like this...


6. I'm not in love with him, he's just attractive


Justin POV 

I can't believe what just happen outside the airport I almost got killed by the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, she looked so innocence, and beautiful, and scared when she was trying to control her car. I definitely should have asked for her name, I hope I see her again one day. "Damn it Justin" I heard Ryan taking out of my world I've been talking to you for like 20 minutes asking what do you want to eat, and you seem to be in your own little world" he said exhausted. "Sorry man, I'm still kind of shocked about what happen at the airport" I said looking out the window. "She was gorgeous, and did you saw her car" Alfredo said with an stupid face. "If I'm not wrong it was and Audi8 purple and black, that means she got money" Said Ryan. "I don't care if she got money or not, I just want to know her name"I said walking toward the hotel doors. 

Chloe POV: 

I got in my apartment, and throw the keys and wallet in the little table on the side of the door. My apartment wasn't that big. Is one big floor, 2 rooms with bathroom and closets on each and a little bathroom for guests on the side of my room, it have a medium kitchen, the living and dinning room, it have no walls so you can easily identify where everything was. Also it have a big balcony which have a little table and some gym stuff for my exercises. 

Well I walked to my refrigerator and took an orange juice and throw myself into the couch. Closed my eyes and as soon as I did that my mom came to my mind. "Shit" I whisper to myself and took my phone from the table and press the call button when I found mom in my contacts. 

"Hey mom" I said as soon as I heard she picked up. "Are you alright darling" I heard her saying a little worried. "Yes and no" "Why? What happen?" "I'll have to cancel you for tomorrow mom, I'm so sorry" "I'ts okay sweetie, but why?" She asked a little sad. "My manager said I'll have to leave to Jacksonville in the morning and stay there the whole week you know the fashion show, then the interviews and all that" I explain to her. "Oh, well then we can move the day to when you finally come" she said in a low voice. "I'm so sorry mom, I really but I promise I'm going to spend a whole day with you" I said to reanimate he. "I have to go, take care" she said and hang up before I could reply. 

Sometimes I regret myself for being so selfish, but I still got my reasons, even tho I know my mom wasn't responsible for any of this to happen but I had no choice that becoming a killer. It all happen in the less that 3 years. But I don't feel like talking about me right now. 

I stand up the couch and walked through my bathroom I needed to feel the fresh water in my body. I let the water fill the tub, and got undress, when the water got the point I wanted it, I slip in slowly feeling the water through my whole body. It was so relaxing to be there, all alone with my eyes closed. But then Justin face came to my mind. He wasn't ugly I'm pretty sure of that, actually I find him attractive. His left hand all filled with tattoos, make him seems bad and hot, and his shirtless body agghh just made me turned on. Wait what the fuck I'm I saying. I open my eyes as soon as realize what were I saying on my mind. "I cannot fall in love him" I told myself. "But what I'm still saying, I'm not in love with him, he's just attractive." I lost myself.

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