Sup, I'm Emily, I have brown long hair, chocolate brown eyes, tannish skin and I despise One Direction. Emily has never really liked 1D but what will happen if she has to go to the same school as them? If I told you I would have to kill you...


2. Perfect...almost

Emily P.O.V.

Finally the end of school, but now I have to go out with Ally and 'one direction' argh they are so annoying, but I think I do like Harry, what am I thinking, I despise them. "Ems, hello, earth to Emily," Ally says waving her hand in front of my face. "hello Al, what do you want?" I ask. "we have to go meet the boys," she says. "oh yeah," I say. "come on lets go then," she says dragging me on.

We get to the boy's cars, and they are waiting for us. "hi girls so where do you want to go?" Liam asks us. "where ever you want," Ally says. Harry is staring at me, I glance at him and he looks down and blushes. "lets go to...NANDOS!" Niall exclaims, jumping up. "sure lets go then, I'm starving," I say. "well me Zayn, Niall, Liam and Ally will go in my car and Harry and Emily can go in Harry's car," Louis says smirking at the last part. "okay," Harry says blushing. What's up with him and blushing? We all get in the cars and start driving. "so... are you a fan?" Harry asks. "well, I never really bother with music much," I lie. "you are such a bad liar," Harry laughs. Awkward. "haha so I've been told," I say. "I kinda like that your not a fan, if you were I would be less interested in you," he blushes. Oh my gosh he did not just says that. He is interested in ME? "well we are here now," he says. Before I can get out he stops me. "wait," he says, "I have to do something first" he says turning me around. He leans down until we are centimetres apart. We look into each others eyes and then Harry fills the space between us and our lips move in sync. It is perfect until we hear a tap on the window. We both pull apart and see Louis laughing and tapping the window, behind him all the others are laughing too. Embarrassing. I feel the heat rush up to my cheeks and I look at Harry and he is blushing too.


Harry P.O.V.

The kiss was perfect until Louis went and ruined it, I am so going to kill him. We get out of my car and Emily is still blushing. "sorry, did we, interrupt?" Louis asks innocently. "no of course you didn't," I say sarcastically. "well sorrrrry if we are dying of hunger," Louis says with sass. "lets just eat," Emily says rolling her eyes.



hey really short chapter but I am so tired and it is 11:46pm so I gotta go to bed but I will try and update tomorrow, maybe, not promising anything though. Don't forget to like, comment and if you like this enough you can favourite. ILYSM <3 x

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