Sup, I'm Emily, I have brown long hair, chocolate brown eyes, tannish skin and I despise One Direction. Emily has never really liked 1D but what will happen if she has to go to the same school as them? If I told you I would have to kill you...


3. hot waiter

Emily P.O.V.

Why did I kiss him back? I hate him. I don't like him, I cant. No Emily pull yourself together, just pretend nothing happened. First day of knowing him and we already kissed? No this is too fast- "excuse what would you like to eat?" a waiter interrupts. Everyone orders while I am looking at the very hot waiter, hmmm he is gorgeous. "the waiter then looks at me waiting for me to order. "oh um I'll have gammon and mash," I say still looking at him. "ok is that all?" he asks us. "yes," Harry says. As the waiter walks off he turns and winks at me and I see Harry tense up. I wonder what his problem is.

During dinner everyone is taking and Harry is talking to me. "so do you like that waiter?" He asks me. "maybe, what's it to you?" I ask. "nothing I was just wondering," he sighs looking away. I carry on eating until I am done and I see the hot waiter coming back. he takes everyone's plates and goes off. When he comes back with the bill he asks for my number. I give it to him while Harry is looking sad and a bit angry at the same time. Harry goes off after the waiter and I hear a thump...



hey I got my laptop back! I am super happy, this is really short but I got bored of doing homework so I decided to take a break. LY x

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