Sup, I'm Emily, I have brown long hair, chocolate brown eyes, tannish skin and I despise One Direction. Emily has never really liked 1D but what will happen if she has to go to the same school as them? If I told you I would have to kill you...


1. curly haired boy

Emily P.O.V.

'My baby shot me down again, shot me down with the love and it went bang bang...'

"Argh shut up alarm," I groan turning my alarm off. *sigh* I walk over to my wardrobe and ponder on what to wear. I finally decide on my pink geek top with a pair of casual shorts and my white converse all star. I step into the hot shower and wash my hair and body. I get dressed into my outfit and sit down to do my make-up. I'm not one of those girls who plaster their face with make-up, no I only put some eye liner, mascara and a bit of lip gloss on. "EMILY YOU'RE GONNA BE LATE!" my mum shouts from downstairs. "COMING," I shout back down to her. I grab my phone and bag and head for downstairs. "bye mum see you later," I say kissing her cheek and grabbing an apple. "You should get a proper breakfast sweetie," she says. "I know but I'm gonna be late," I say heading out the door. I only live a few minutes away from school so I usually walk. "hey Ems," Ally says walking over to me. "hey Al, what's up?" I ask. "we have some new pupils in our year, well five to be exact and no one knows who it is," she says to me. "well I guess we will find out soon enough then," I say uninterested. "oh come on they could be really hot boys," she smiles. "yeah, or not," I say walking away. "what is up with you?" she asks standing in front of me. "I actually want to graduate ad get a good job and crushing over boys is not gonna help," I say. "I suppose, lets get to class we're gonna be late," she sighs. We start walking to our class. "I'm sorry Al, its just my parents expect me to get a really good job and have a future and I don't want to let them down," I sigh. "I know and its okay, I agree," she says smiling. 'RING, RING' "and that's are cue we are late," Ally laughs running down the corridor.

"Ally Bradford and Emily Bloom, you are late, detention at lunch," Mrs Bradford says. We both sigh and sit in our seats. A group of boys come in laughing their heads off. "Our new students late on their first day, sorry boys but detention at lunch," Mrs Bradford says. They choose a seat still laughing. The curly haired one sits in the spare seat next to me. All the girls were nearly screaming and I feel like slapping them, what's the big deal? "HI, I'm Harry," the curly haired guy says to me looking me in the eyes.



Harry P.O.V.

We go in to our class laughing over some stupid thing Zayn did then realise we are really late and we get a lunch detention, crap. I look over and see a beautiful brunette with chocolate brown eyes  and I go sit in the seat beside her. All the other girls were fangirling and nearly screaming. "Hi I'm Harry," I say looking into her amazing eyes. "I'm Emily," she says smiling back. wow she is calm. "I'm not sure getting a detention on my first day is such a good start," I chuckle. "ha don't worry I got a detention too and trust me not the first," she giggles. Oh how I love that laugh.

                                                    *skip boring lessons up to lunch*

I walk into detention and sit behind Emily, she is sitting beside a blonde haired girl and they are laughing. "hey Emily," I say as she turns around. "oh hi Harry this is my friend Ally," she says introducing her friend who is grinning, I think she is a fan. The teacher walks out shutting the door and telling us to work silently. Yah that's gonna happen. All the rest of One Direction come over and we start talking. "so I see you have got a great view from your seat," Zayn smirks. "ha very funny, but I don't think she recognises me," I say.


Ally P.O.V.

OMG  Emily is acting totally normal around Harry Styles and I know he likes her, who wouldn't she is so pretty. "girl, you are acting like you don't know who Harry Styles is," I say. "um, who?" she asks puzzled. "Harry Styles from One Direction," I nearly shout. "Argh not them weirdo's," she says rolling her eyes. "yup and I think he likes you so don't do anything stupid," I say. Harry walks over an I nudge Emily. "hi so me and the boys were wondering if you girls wanted to go out somewhere after school?" he asks while all the other girls glare jealously at us. "um, yeah sure," I say. "okay and Zayn wants your number," he says glancing at Zayn who is staring in our direction. I give him my number and when I come back Harry and Emily are exchanging numbers. When he went over to the others I turned to Emily, "okay didn't you just say this morning that you didn't have time for boys?" I ask. "well he asked me and I didn't want to hurt his feelings," she says. "wait so you don't like Harry? You seemed okay with him until I told you he is in 1D," I say. The teacher comes in and we all sit down and shut up.




Hi guys I hope you like this so far and I would love it if you would read my other book called re-union and like comment and favourite. I would really appreciate if you comment what you think, it would be awesome. ILYSM <3 x






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