I Think I LOVE Marcel... Did I Just Say That?

Veronica Devlin goes to Heights High School, It's a pretty small school so people are ALWAYS around. Even if you don't want them to be.. Like Marcel. Marcel has always had a crush on Veronica , he's liked her since 5th grade! He has brought her flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and has even showed up at her house a few times. Ccrreeeeppyy! So she is trying to stay away from him and hang with her friends which includes Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan,(And if you haven't realized they are from ONE DIRECTION) kalie, and perrie (from Little Mix). Veronica's Mom, Nancy Devlin, Has always wanted Veronica and Marcel to get together, but the problem is Veronica thinks Marcel's a nerd/geek/loser. Has she had a change of heart? or is she just confused?


1. Whatever You Say



                                                CHAPTER I





          "Hello Kalie" Marcel had said, "um.. hi?" " Hows Veronica?" "great. but I have to go get.... my elephant from.. new york city ..yeah.. that's what I have to do bye" "oh okay! good luck because I know that their are no elephants in new york city unless their in a zoo or are their even zoos in new york well their must be... oh hey veronica!" "keep walking pretend I cant hear him.. great now I am talking to myself.. oh hey Marcel..." "hey can I come over later? I have a surprise for you." "Is it another box of chocolates?" " How did you know?" "you get me a box of chocolates every Monday.." "Oh! I think its time for me to change my surprise how about a diamond necklace?" "Oh My Gosh its beautiful! But Marcel.. I told you I don't like you... you're not my type.. I'm sorry."  " I'm still going to try because your worth it,hey I'm sorry too.." "why are you sorry?" " I'm sorry because I'm not the person you want to like you I know I'm a loser but it's not my fault that I'm smart, Unlike that Josh Kennedy. Anyway, can I come over and hang out?" "not today Marcel I have Plans. Sorry" " It's okay, um I don't mean to be nosy but whats your plans?" "Oh, I have a date" "with who?" "Josh Kennedy."  "Oh the star of the football team?"  "yeah! You know him?" "Of course.." (Flashback From 2 Days Ago) "stay away from Veronica!" said Josh " why?" Marcel had said "because she hates you and never will like you, I mean who would? Your a loser.." "and what if she does like me?" "Haha! Not going to happen!" (Back To The Present) "Marcel?.. Marcel?.. Marcel?!" "Oh I'm sorry, have a good time on your date."  "I'll try!" "bye Veronica.." "Bye Marcel!" "Oh! one more thing Veronica, be careful about Josh he's..probably  not the kind of person you would want to hang out with. he's not who he says he is."  "I'll keep that in mind?" "okay joke about it now I just Don't want you to have to find out the hard way." "I think I'm old enough to take care of myself Marcel" "Okay, Whatever you say, Good luck! Haha :o)" "Kay."

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