Veronica looked around the hospital walls. for 13 years she had been in a mental hospital when she was perfectly fine and knowing that her sister had married her husband and taken her son and lied to him all these years but when Dr.Malik helps her run away from the hospital can she get her son , Harry , back and change the way he thinks about her or can she make her ex-husband Niall love her like he used to , or lastly can she make her brother Louis treat her like he used to ?


5. Truths

Veronica’s POV

Zayn left after he had helped me make spaghetti. I ate it and it was about 6:00 pm and Zayn had told me he would be back at 8:00. I stood in my balcony so I was looking at their house. Suddenly I saw a tall figure coming to stand in their balcony. I went inside afraid it might be Louis or Niall. I looked at the balcony and saw Harry standing in his balcony. I waved at him and he looked around him confused and then pointed a finger at himself as if to ask if I was waving at him. I nodded and he grinned and I noticed his dimple from when he was little was still noticeable. He went inside his house and I sighed. I went inside and jumped on the bed, I wish I knew what he was thinking.


Harry’s POV

She waved at me !! omigosh she is great. This is my chance to get the girl. I dressed in a shirt and jeans and made my way to her house. I arrived there and brushed my hair out of my eyes. I knocked and she opened.

“H-Harry” she stammered

“Wow you must have really done you’re research on me , right love ?” I asked winking, she frowned and invited me inside.

“I am Veronica” she said smiling

“Nice name” I said kissing her hand

“How old are you” she asked

“24” I lied

“And you ride a school  bus ?” she questioned

“I fail a lot” I said shrugging

“Oh okay” she said looking at the ground

“So where are the drinks at ?” I said giving her my signature smirk.

“I don’t drink” she said

“Oh” I said, who doesn’t drink

“I need to use the bathroom” she said.


Veronica’s POV

 I went in the bathroom that was in my room and sat on the bathtub. He was everything I hated. He had become one of them.

The bathroom in my room had a glass wall so if you were in the bed room you could see what’s happening in the bathroom.

I went and sat on the bed. A few minutes later Harry came in and I stood up. He was a little bit taller than me.

“So Veronica you’re a pretty hot chick ai?” he said leaning in. I backed away slightly and just then I heard a knock on the  door. 

I went downstairs and opened the door. Zayn hugged me and he went inside. Just then Harry came in.

“Harry right?” Zayn asked him and then glared at me.

“Veronica who’s this ?”asked Harry looking at me.

“That’s my….brother, Zayn” I said quickly

We sat in the living room and they started talking about football and music and just normal guy stuff. Harry gave me his number and claimed he had to go. He left and it was only me and Zayn. I looked at him and broke down.

“Sh, Sh what’s wrong” he asked as he took me in his arms

“My son wants me Zayn, My son wants me !” I shouted as he held me tight.

“Its okay Veronica it’s okay” he comforted me

“He is one of them, he likes to drink like Niall, a pervert like Louis, and as rude as Tina” I sobbed

“You can change the way he looks at you Veronica” he said


Harry’s POV

‘I got to her bedroom today but her brother came in , I got her number’ I texted Liam.

I went inside the house and saw Louis there.

“Louis can you do me a favor ?” I asked my beloved uncle.

“What do you want Haz ?” he asked looking at me

“I have a party tomorrow can you help me sneak out without the wicked witch of the west throwing a fit” I said pointing upstairs. He laughed at the description of his sister and nodded.

“Sure thing” he said

“I just came back from the hottest chick’s house” I told him

“Pass her to me when you’re done” he said winking.


Grace’s POV

I sat with my best friend Heather. We were both weak for men that’s for sure.

“I need to get Zayn to be mine he’s so sexy” I said

“You need a plan” she said as she took a drag from her cigarette.

Paul came in and gave me some papers. He winked at Heather and left.

“Who’s the hottie” she said to me.

“Zayn is so much better” I said as I showed her a picture of Zayn.

“I got it, you said you think he’s the one that helped Veronica escape, then go to his wife and tell her that he’s cheating on her with Veronica, that way Perrie’s gone, and Veronica is mental any way so no problem” she said to me.

I laughed and nodded at the amazing plan.

I went to the Malik house hold and knocked on the door.

Perrie opened and she invited me inside.

“Perrie I have some bad news for you” I said faking the disappointment.

“Oh what is it ?” she asked

“Zayn  is cheating on you with Veronica” I told her as I tutted

“I don’t believe it” she said

“Believe it hun, he helped her escape and he’s probably with her right now.” I smirked and left.

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