Veronica looked around the hospital walls. for 13 years she had been in a mental hospital when she was perfectly fine and knowing that her sister had married her husband and taken her son and lied to him all these years but when Dr.Malik helps her run away from the hospital can she get her son , Harry , back and change the way he thinks about her or can she make her ex-husband Niall love her like he used to , or lastly can she make her brother Louis treat her like he used to ?


2. Escaping

Zayn’s POV

It was 10:00pm and I drove to my home with my wife , Perrie and my two kids , Tom and Julia. The whole ride I was thinking about Veronica and how her family betrayed her. When I heard her story I felt so sorry for her and all I wanted to do is take her in my arms and comfort her, but I couldn’t. If I did that I would be unfaithful to my beautiful wife and make her uncomfortable. I rang the door bell and my 7 year old son opened.

“Daddy !” he shouted and I took him in my arms minutes later a 4 year old Julia ran up to me. I kissed  her forehead and went to the dining room. Perrie was setting up the dishes as I took a seat at the long table, She put a steak on my dish and I ate in silence. My phone rang and I went to pick up.

“Zayn help me, come to the hospital quick Veronica is dying” I heard Loren, the only good nurse, say. I hung up and ran to my car. I drove to the hospital as tears filled my eyes. I arrived there and kicked the door open , I ran up the stairs until I was at her room. I pushed it open and saw Veronica lying on the bed her stomach was rising and falling slowly. I took her hand and it was ice cold. I called Loren in and she came quickly her blue eyes glistening.

“Loren get Veronica ready I’ll get the story later of what happened , hide her in the trunk of my car and I’ll go get her as quickly as I can write a note on the bed side table” I told her as she nodded. I ran to Grace’s office to see her, James, and Paul sitting and laughing. I pulled Paul up by his brown hair.


“I d-don’t k-know w-what your t-talking about” he stammered

“Zayn leave him alone” screamed Grace

“What’s wrong Zayn leave the poor guy alone” said James, a stupid smirk plastered on his face, I noticed his ear was covered in blood and had a plastic cover on it. I dropped Paul on the floor and took long strides so me and James were face to face.

“What’s up with your ear” I spat

“Your little Veronica almost ripped it off” he said as I almost vomited at his bad breath, I snorted.

“I’ll ask again before I really rip it off, What happened” I threatened.

“She needed to be punished for what she did to good ol’ James over here so we gave her a good rape that we enjoyed and electrified her a few times” said Paul from behind me. I pulled James’s damaged ear and made my way to go outside, I punched Paul and saw him collapse and went to Veronica’s room. I saw it empty and smirked. Loren was with me with a few other nurses.

“Veronica where are you” I said , pretending to be worried.

I ran to her bed and pulled the covers to see the bed was empty. I saw the note on the bed side table.

Dear Zayn,

I am sorry that I left but I had to run away from all the pain I know you are worried but its okay I hope to see you again soon.



“Of course she had to run away” I shouted at them

“Calm down Doctor” said Loren looking at the ground.

“I am going to look for her, and if I don’t find her I am suing the hospital” I snapped and went to my car.

I laughed and shook my head as I drove away. I stopped in an empty street. I got out of the car and opened the car trunk. Veronica jumped out and hugged me.

“Thank you Zayn I love you I love you I love you” she screamed. I laughed and squeezed her.

“Look Veronica, we need to hide you until we get the paperwork done to get you out of that hospital” I told her. She nodded and I sat her in the passenger seat. I started driving so I can take her to my flat that I used to live in with my family. The whole way there she was staring at everything at awe.

“Oh my god Zayn look at that building” she said pointing at a building and then seconds later , “Oh, a pigeon” or “I used to have a tree house you know”  she was like a little kid who haven’t seen the street before.

We arrived at the flat and I took her hand and I led her to the flat and opened the door. She ran in and I opened the air conditioner for her.

“Are you staying with me” she said

“I am sorry I’ll stay with you for a while and then I’ll have to go quit that damn job” I told her, she nodded and sighed. An hour later I took off to go to the hospital.


Veronica’s POV

I looked at the phone and called Holly. She answered a few seconds later she answered.

“Oh my god , Veronica I was so worried” she said

“Yeah yeah Zayn helped me escape” I said

“Look my brother Victor will give you enough money to help you” she said

“Okay thanks Holly”

She told me the address. And I planned to go.

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