He's My Teenage Nightmare

Hi. My name is Morgan. I'm 16 and recently living in California, USA. My dream is to become a singer. Everyone tells me I'm great, and I should show the world my talent. So, I went to American Idol, and was turned down by Nicki Minaj. Then I went to the X-Factor. That's when I met him. The one that I love and hate.


8. Chapter 8

~Morgan's POV~

We started kissing in the bedroom. I don't think I'm ready. I'm not ready for this. I promised my dad before he died that I would stay a virgin until I was happily married.



"I'm not ready yet. I promised my dad before he died that I would stay a virgin until I was married."

"Ok, that's fine."


I was back in my room, watching TV when I heard tapping at my window. Is that...Amy?

"I need to talk. Don't worry I won't hurt you!" She says.

I open the window for her.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Well, when we first met, I didn't expect Niall to be here. I just wanted to talk to you. I had to act a bit because I didn't want him knowing why I was here. I guess he acted along with me." She explained.

"Ok but what do you need to talk to me about?"

"Niall. He may seem nice at first, until he steals your virginity."


"I may seem like I'm lying now, but later, you'll see."


"I'm going to explain what happened between me and Niall, because I don't want him stealing another girls dignity. We started off by dating, but one night, he tried to have sex with me. He became distant for a couple days then he came back, which was strange. Then, a couple months later, he convinced me to have sex with him. After that, he used it as an excuse for everything. Like when he cheated on me, he gave me his famous 'I'm Sorry' sex. I bet he has cheated on me so many times. But anyways, before he came here, we had sex, but this time, I got pregnant. I tried telling him but he wouldn't let me."


I have to tell him before he goes on the X-Factor. I dial his number and wait.

"Hey Niall."
"Hey, I was about to call you."

"Niall I have to tell you something. I-"

"The reason I was gonna call you was because I was gonna break up with you. Long distance relationships never work out."

"Niall I have to tell you that I-"

"I gotta go. Bye Amy."



"That's horrible! He didn't give you a chance?"

"Nope. Not once ounce."

"Anyways, here's my number, so if you see him acting strange, text or call me."

"Ok. Thanks. Oh and by the way, sorry for punching you."

"That's fine. Just be careful."


Then she left. Could that all be true? It sounded true to me. I'll just be careful. You never know, she could be jealous.She kinda does put out though. Maybe she is pregnant. I'm confused.



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