He's My Teenage Nightmare

Hi. My name is Morgan. I'm 16 and recently living in California, USA. My dream is to become a singer. Everyone tells me I'm great, and I should show the world my talent. So, I went to American Idol, and was turned down by Nicki Minaj. Then I went to the X-Factor. That's when I met him. The one that I love and hate.


1. Chapter 1

"Morgan!" my mother calls.

"Coming!" I yell.

Today is the last day of school. Tomorrow I am leaving though. I'm leaving to go to the X-Factor. I walk down to the kitchen. My mom has made her famous pancakes.

"Mmmmmm! Thanks mom!"

"No problem Morgan. Hurry up and eat, I don't want you missing the bus."


I ate my pancakes quickly and ran out the door. I saw my 2 out of 3 of my best friends, Gianna and Devon. We waited at the bus stop for about 10 minutes. Then the bus came. I did what I usually do every morning. I put my earbuds in and listen to KISS FM. I love listening to the KISS Morning Freak Show with Mike and Bob. Those two are hilarious! Then, we stopped at my third best friends stop, Shannon. I took out my earbuds and we had our usual morning chat.

"So guess what?"

"What Shannon?"


"Of coarse you did...stalker."

"Hey! I'm not a stalker. I'm just looking up personal information about him and watching him from a camera I secretly installed in his room."


"That's for me to know and for you not to know."

Um... ok stalker."

"Anyways, I can't believe you're going to the X-Factor! That's amazing! I'll vote for you!"

"Thanks. We're here already! Let's go!"

We went to our homerooms. All we did was watch movies. Then, the final bell rang. My friends and I walked home together, since we all live close together. We all walked to houses.

"Bye!" I shouted.

"BYE!" They all shouted.

I ran inside to go pack all my stuff. I pack all my clothes, shoes and accessories. Yea. I have BIG suitcase. I pack all my stuff. By the time I was done, it was 11:00. I decide to go to bed and rest for tomorrow.



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