Small World

This is the sequel to Little London Girl, so read that one first or you wont understand. Thanks again to everyone who read Little London Girl. I never expected it to be so popular. Lets try and make this one as or even more popular :)

This one is about Em and Louis after the proposal. One Direction is going on tour and Em is starting to have feelings for someone else in the band and more threats are happening! So read to find out more.


3. Advice

I sat back in my chair and watched as Em took another bite of her cheeseburger. She had been really quiet tonight, and I could tell something was bothering her. I adjusted my fake glassed I wore when I went out in public and watched as she took another bite. Her light blue eyes were clouded and darker than usual making it obvious something was wrong. I looked out the window and saw the security guard Paul sent with us pacing around outside. Paul rarely let the lads and I go out alone. It was hard enough to convince him. It was even harder to convince his guard to stay outside. I knew that as long as I wore my beanie and glasses, pretty much no one would recognize me. I waited until Em was done with her food to ask her what was going on.

"Whats wrong love?" I asked as she leaned back. She looked at me confused.

"What?" she asked. "Nothings wrong," she said. Lie.

"Come on, I know something is bugging you," I said as I reached across the table for her hand. She took it and looked down.

"Its nothing, I'm just tired," she said adding a fake yawn. She was such a bad liar. I sighed and nodded as if I believed her.

"Alright, why don't we go back and you can sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow," I said. She nodded as we stood up.

The guard drove us back to the hotel and I kissed Em goodnight before she disappeared behind her door. I sigh and stay planted infront of her door. I wait there for a few minutes, hoping she'll come back out but loose hope and walk down the hall to my door. I pulled out the key and was about the open the door when I stopped. I didn't really want to be alone right now. I looked down the hall to Em's room. She was no hope right now. She wanted to be alone. Harry was probably out, and Niall and Liam were probalby down at the bar. I turned around and knocked on Zayn's door. He was probably asleep but at least he was here. I waited for a minute until the door opened the Zayn stood there in just his black boxers.

"Sorry to wake you mate," I said. I could tell he was about to shut the door on me. "I just really need someone," I said quickly before he could shut it. Zayn was a good friend and if one of his friends needed help, he wouldn't wait to help. He sighed as he held the door open a big more.

"Come on in mate," he said. I walked in and sat down on the armchair next to the bed. Zayn shut the door and came and sat down on the bed. "So what's up?" he asked.

"It's Em," I said. "She keeping something from me."

"What is it?" Zayn asked.

"I don't know," I sighed. "She wont tell me. Every time I asked her about it, she lied to me," I said.

"Well maybe she's not ready to tell you," he said. "Have you ever had a secret where you wanted to tell someone but weren't sure how? So you kept it secret for awhile until you knew how to say it?" Zayn asked me. I nodded. "Maybe that's whats going on now. Maybe she just need's to tell you when she's ready," he explained. I thought about that for a moment and then nodded.

"Yea," I mumbled. "Your right," I said softly. I knew talking to Zayn was a good idea.

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