Time Away

Cassidy and Niall were best friends, until Niall went on X-Factor. Cassidy misses him, but when he comes home she realizes she didn't just miss him. she loves him. Can she tell him without destroying their friendship she loves? or will she lose him


1. Hellos and Good Byes

Cassidys POV

Me and Niall met in kindergarten, on our first day. My mom dropped me off and I sat down in the middle of the room. Just looking at what others were doing, some coloring, cooking, or fighting. A voice burst out and I looked over and saw a little brown hair boy clinging to his moms arm, yelling "No! I don't want to stay here! Take me home with you!" His mom pulled him off her arm and put him in the room, then leaving him. The boy stood there and cried loudly. I felt bad for him, I really did.

 The teacher patted him on the back and walked him over to, me? She left us two staring at each other, he still had tears pouring down his face. "Hi, I'm Cassidy, what's your name?" I asked, hoping to cheer him up. "I-I'm Niall." he whispered, not sobbing. "Cool name! Want to be best friends?" I giggled, and laughed when he nodded his head eagerly. "Cool!" he said.

*Now in 3rd Grade*

"Hey Nialler!" I screamed, running up behind Niall. "Hey Kitty Cat!" I laughed at the nickname he gave me, remember how I got it. "Yay, you sit next to me!" More laughing. At recess we hung out at the monkey bars and talked about what 3rd grade would be like. "Nialler, you're coming to my birthday party tonight right?" I pulled him the puppy eyes, he groaned and looked away. "Yes, I am. Now stop with the eyes!" I laughed and fell off the monkey bars, only laughing harder. Niall 'fell' down too, landing next to me.

At my party he gave me a necklace that was shaped like half a heart and had "Friends Ever" "Aw, Thank you Nialler, I love it!" I squealed as he put it on me, then pulled a necklace out from under his shirt. It was the other half. His had "Best For" on it. "We are best friends, so why not remember that every time we look in the mirror." We laughed, and I hoped the necklaces were right. I hoped we would be best friends for ever.

Nialls POV

Today I was going on the X-Factor, and had to leave Cassidy. I didn't want to but she had to understand, right? My phone buzzed and saw a text from her. Kitty Cat: Wake up Nialler! Come over to my place in twenty!!!! Hurry!. I sighed and got out of bed and into the shower, wonder why I needed to go to her place. I mean, I did every day but why did she tell me when I had to be there? I shrugged it off and got dressed. I out on a pair of Navy Blue jeans and a shirt that said "Ireland, All the way!". I pulled my necklace out and over my shirt, wanting it to show when I had to leave. Slumping down the stairs, I saw my mom wasn't there, strange. "MOM?" I yelled, getting no answer.

My back pocket vibrated and I got my phone out reading Kitty Cat: Get your Irish butt over here! :P" I laughed and headed over to Cassidys place. When I let myself in, it was pitch black, so I put the lights on. Big mistake. "SUPRISE!!" Cassidys family, some high school friends, and my mom all jumped out and scared me to death. Cassidy laughed and walked up to me, giving me a hug. I love her hugs, she always wraps her arms around my neck and puts her head against my chest. "I'm going to miss you..." she whispered to me. Only then did I see the banner that said "Good Luck on X-Factor!"

My heart melt, leave it to her to come up with the sweetest plan to say good bye.  "I'm going to miss you to Kat, I really will." I wrapped my arms around her thin waist. Over the years I had known her, she had become skinny. She was beautiful. she had long dirty blond hair, big hazel eyes that had tears covering them, and freckles on her cheeks. "AW! No don't cry babe!" I said, nearly crying my self. "Fine, then lets open gifts!" My eyes almost popped out of my head, Gifts? She handed me a small box, "From your mom." It was a new phone, which I needed since my was cracked. "Thanks, I needed this." We laughed. Once all the gifts were done, Cassidy walked up with her own gift. It was a bracelet, that had 'Kitty Cat' engraved on it. It also had charms. I laughed as I saw the charms, each one was a memory we shared.

One was a paint brush, for when we had a paint war in art class and had to spend the next week scrubbing paint off the walls. My laughed turned a bit choked as I realized how much I was going to miss my Best Friend. "Once best friends, always best friends. Right Nialler?" She said, tears falling down her perfect face, sending me over the edge. My own tears fell down my cheeks too. "Forever and Always Kitty Cat, Forever and always." I pulled her close and held her, not wanting to let go. Ever.

Cassidys POV

"Forever and always Kitty Cat, Forever and always." Niall pulled me close and held me as I sobbed into his shirt. I didn't want to lose my best friend, I wanted him to stay and hold me, but I knew how much he wanted this. I couldn't hold him back. It wouldn't be right. "Promise you will always remember me? Never take the bracelet and necklace off. I wont take mine off." I grabbed my neck, feeling my half heart, and my own bracelet just like his. Mine said 'Nialler' on it. "I wont, I will die before I forget you." He said rubbing my back. He always knew how to comfort me, and I loved him.

All to soon it was time for him to go. "Niall, we have to go." his mom said, grabbing his shoulder, pulling him away from me. I let go and dropped to my knees, sobbing into my hands. I didn't care if it was childish, I was going to miss him. "Good-bye Nialler." I sobbed, not looking up, because I knew if I did I wasn't going to let him leave me. "Good-bye Kitty Cat..." Then, the door shut, along with Niall.

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