What Happens At Warped Stays At Warped *Kellin Quinn Love Story*

Morgan and Amber have always loved Warped Tour since they were kids. When they run into some idols. What happens when they run away and follow their dreams? *I PROMISE IT'S BETTER THEN IT SOUNDS!*


7. Chapter 5

*Three Months Later*

Ever since Battle Of The Band Kellin and I have kept in touch. He texts me all the time which I love. He's like my best friend. We've hung out sometimes too. Copeland is the cutest thing and Katelynn is so nice. Kellin begged for me to hang out with him and Katelynn made me promise to watch over Kellin to make sure he didn't get into any trouble which I gladly promised.

Amber somehow kept in touch with Alex, which I really think they're hooking up. Shhh don't tell her I said that.

''MORGAN! THE BUS IS HERE!'' Amber yelled. I put my laptop in its case and kept my phone by my side. I texted Kellin bye and walked out with my stuff. 

''Surprise!'' Amber yelled. I looked up and saw Alex with his arm around her. I rolled my eyes and made my way inside the bus that had our faces on the side. I'm gonna have to get used to that... I didn't pay any attention to the inside because I just put my luggage in the room, then walked out to see Alex and Amber snogging (making out) each others faces off.

''Oh god get a room!'' I yelled. They giggled and motioned to something. I knitted my eyebrows together and turned slowly to see none other then Kellin.

''BOO BEAR!'' I yelled jumping on him.

''MUFFIN!'' He yelled squeezing me tightly.

''What are you doing here?'' I asked.

''I'm riding to Warped with you.'' He smiled.

''YAY!'' I yelled jumping up and down. Warped was about an hour or two away from here and we don't play until tomorrow. 

''What are we gonna do all day?'' I asked.

''I wanted to take you around and introduce you to some friends. Seeing that your my new bestie.'' He smiled wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I blushed madly. I can't help it, he's so sweet, nice, hot, everything a girl could wa- I mentally slapped myself. He's married. And has a baby. I can't ruin that.

''Hello.. Earth to Muffin..?'' Kellin said waving a hand in front of my face.

''Where did Muffin and Boo Bear come from?'' Amber asked. I shrugged and rested my back on the sofa.

''I called her Muffin at Battle Of The Bands and she called me Boo Bear after I called her Muffin that night.'' Kellin answered.

''Oh I see.'' Amber winked. I threw a pillow at her and she threw it back.

''Your a creep!''


We reached Warped and I started bouncing as I saw all the buses. OM&M, AA, YMAS, FIR, BMTH, PTV, ATL, SWS ( <3 ), NSN, and the worst of all ETF. I'm sorry I don't like them, I only like Max. He's cool.

''Calm down girl.'' Kellin said. I couldn't stop though so he sat on my lap.

''What the hell?'' I asked and he just laughed and rolled onto his back to face me. He poked my nose and I laughed. I started tickling his stomach and he squirmed like a worm. I couldn't help but laugh as we pulled into our lot.

''LETS GO!'' Kellin yelled dragging me out of the bus.

''BYE AMBER!'' I called out as we left.


Hey my Jitterbugs! What do y'all think of the story so far?! Comment!


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