What Happens At Warped Stays At Warped *Kellin Quinn Love Story*

Morgan and Amber have always loved Warped Tour since they were kids. When they run into some idols. What happens when they run away and follow their dreams? *I PROMISE IT'S BETTER THEN IT SOUNDS!*


6. Chapter 4

*Few Days Later*

Today. Today is the day. Battle of the bands. It decides our future.

I straightened out my outfit as Amber was putting on the last accessory to her's.

''Nervous?'' Amber asked as she watched me pace.

I nodded as my guitar hung over my shoulder and my pick between my lips.

''Don't be. We're gonna do fine.'' She said grabbing a hold of my shoulders.

''We can't be fine we have to be fucking amazing to make it!'' I yelled.

''Calm yo tits girl. We're gonna be fine!''  She yelled as a guy came back. ''Okay Mr. Quinn you have two minutes before they go on stage.'' Said a man. Amber and I looked as Kellin walked in.

''OH MY GOD! YOUR KELLIN QUINN!'' She yelled. I chuckled as he came up to me.

''I see you made it.'' He smiled giving me a quick hug.

''Yeah I did.'' I smiled back.

''Well hi there. I'm Kellin and you are?'' He asked Amber.

''I'm Amber, Morgan's best friend and I'm single.'' She flirted.

''Amber stop being a creep.'' I smirked pushing her lightly.

''Hey if we're going to Warped I'm throwing you in a mosh pit.'' She yelled walking closer to the stage probably preparing.

''I love your guitar.'' Kellin complemented.

''Oh thanks Kellin.'' I smiled.

''One minute Urban Legend!'' The man called. I started shaking. Shit.

''Are you okay?'' Kellin asked. I shook my head.

''I have stage fright.'' I stated.

''Aw muffin!'' He pouted and pulled me into a hug. Did he just call me.. Muffin?

''Come on girl!'' Amber yell as we get ready to do our pre-show chant.

''Ready?'' I asked. She nodded.

''What do you do?'' He asked.

''We name musicians that.. Inspired our lives as fast as we can.'' I stated he nodded and smiled.

We started clapping along to the beat. 

(Morgan) (Amber) 

''Alan Ashby!''

''Vic Fuentes!!''

''Ronald Radke!!''

''Austin Carlile!!''

''Olober Sykes!''

''Kellin Quinn!'' And with that Kellin smiled.


''Urban Legend your up!''

Kellin gave me a quick squeeze.

''I can't do this.'' I frowned.

''Yes you can!'' He yelled and pushed me out. There were two chairs in on the stage right in front of the judges. I took a deep breath and sat down. There were many people in the audience such as- Dahvie Vanity, Alex Gaskarth, Danny Worsnop, Austin Carlile, and many more. 

''Hi, names?'' One asked.

''Amber and Morgan of Urban Legend.'' Amber spoke they nodded.

''And what will you be preforming for us?'' They asked.

''An acoustic cover of When You See My Friends by Mayday Parade.'' She answered. They nodded and motioned us to start. I strummed the first few notes.

''I'm burned out like a bright light, I wasn't ready for this
You're adorable as hell, but I'm glancing at your wrist.'' That's when Amber and I held up our wrist.

''Oh please have faith, I can be so cavalier
And when they start to ask questions I'll make sure to be clear

And when you see my friends tell them hi for me
And tell them what you think about the way you handled everything
You turned and all you left me with was this broken key
So tell me what you think

Give it up for the long nights and all those terrible fights 
Were you honest with yourself, every version of yourself?
Did you get lost on the side of the road?
If you keep acting this way, I swear I'll never come home
[ Lyrics from: www.lyricsty.com/mayday-parade-wh... ]
And when you see my friends, tell them hi for me
And tell them what you think about the way you handled everything
We walk alone on this broken road for eternity
So give me company and help me sing this lonely melody
You turned and all you left me with was this broken key
So tell me what you think

Sign me up, no regrets, make a man out of me
And I won't say a word and I'll give all the things that you want 
And I need just to give me some peace
At the bottom of the ocean, there's a place for you and me
Lead the way, straight ahead, you gave me the time of my life 
And cut like a knife to the bone

When you see my friends, tell them hi for me
And tell them what you think about the way you handled everything
So neat and clean well the world is full of such pretty things
So do your best for me.'' We ended with an applause coming from everywhere. Even Kellin was clapping.

''Thank you. Now judges will make their decision.'' Somebody said. All the bands came out on stage waiting.

''And the winner is, who will be going to Warped Tour with a tour bus of their own is... Urban Legend.'' The man shouted. I hugged Amber tightly as we both cried. Kellin came out and hugged us both.

''I'm so proud of you!'' He yelled.

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