What Happens At Warped Stays At Warped *Kellin Quinn Love Story*

Morgan and Amber have always loved Warped Tour since they were kids. When they run into some idols. What happens when they run away and follow their dreams? *I PROMISE IT'S BETTER THEN IT SOUNDS!*


4. Chapter 2


''I don't like you working there. Your boss is a complete pervert.'' Amber said as I applied my eyeliner.

''I don't care. No matter how much I HATE Hooters I have to work there. Without it, we wouldn't be living here.'' I stated pulling on my sweatshirt.

''Work with me at Hot Topic.'' She said.

''No! I cant! It won't cover our bills!'' I yelled grabbing my bag. ''I'm sorry Amber.'' I said heading out the door and into my car. I slammed the car door shut and sped off to Hooters. I fucking hate it there. My boss always pulls something on me and I have to let him or I'm out of a job. This place pays a lot so it will get us by. I will do anything to make Amber and I's dreams come true.

When I arrived I walked in to be greeted by Talia. She comes from a similar background and is my friend. 

''Mr. Brown wants to speak with you.'' Talia frowned. 

''MORGAN!!'' I heard him yell. I cringed and set my bag on the table along with my jacket. I walked into the kitchen to have the guys whistle. I rolled my eyes and walked in to his office.

''You wanted to see me, Mr. Brown?'' I asked plastering a smile on my face even though I want to punch him in the neck.

''Yes, we're having a few celebrity guests coming in tonight and I wanted you to work their table. Since your obviously what they look for in girls and we'd make a lot of money from that.'' He smirked looking me up and down.

''Yes sir. Erm may I ask who it is?'' I asked.

''One of your bands thats on your wristbands.'' He smiled ushering me out. I pondered my thoughts as I entered the kitchen. I looked down when I realized the only wristbands I was wearing was some BOTDF ones. I walked out stunned and Talia's face went white.

''Are you okay?'' She asked. I nodded.

''Blood On The Dance Floor's coming in.'' I gulped.

''What?'' She asked stunned.

''And he wants me to work their table.'' I said my face white as a ghost. 

''But you love them, aren't you excited.'' She asked. I shook my head.

''Their still a customer. I'm gonna treat them like one.'' I stated walking over to get my thing that goes around my waist. I then put the open sign up and waited for business.

Amber's P.O.V.

I walked into the store and was greeted by James. I smiled and walked behind the counter as I watched a girl grab a Mitch Lucker memorial shirt and put it down in disgust. I HATE when people do that! I was just about to confront her as she picked up a One Direction shirt and brought it over.

''This please.'' She smiled.

''May I ask what did you pick up over there?'' I asked.

''Oh just a shirt with a fag on it saying ''r.i.p.''. Nothing special.'' She shrugged.

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