What Happens At Warped Stays At Warped *Kellin Quinn Love Story*

Morgan and Amber have always loved Warped Tour since they were kids. When they run into some idols. What happens when they run away and follow their dreams? *I PROMISE IT'S BETTER THEN IT SOUNDS!*


1. Ch. 1

Morgan's P.O.V.

I growled and threw my bag on the ground. I fucking hate school! I ripped off my torn sweater and paced as I ran my hands through my hair. I looked at the razor on my desk side table and panicked. I promised Amber never again. I can't break that promise. I grabbed the razor and tossed it out the window. Now just have to clear my head. I grabbed my iPod and put in my head phones. I instantly turned it on BOTDF because whenever I listen to them I seem to smile. 

''Your such a lazy son of a bitch!'' I heard my mom yell to my dad. Not again. I turned up the volume but I could still hear them yell. I ran over to my berrow and pulled out my sweatshirt and climbed out my window. I don't want to be near them. I ran far.. Done with the shit I put up with. I dashed to the park and turned my iPod on full volume not giving a shit if anybody heard me singing. I saw kids around but continued to sing ''Sexting''.

I swung on the swing while I listened to a band I loved to listen to. I don't care what people said about me or them. Because those people can go fuck themselves and stop hating. It's that simple. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

''Can you please stop singing that revolting music. It's inappropriate and I don't like my kids listening to a teenager sing that short of noise.'' Said a lady.

''Hey if you don't respect my taste in lyrics you can find another park because I'm here and I'm gonna sing whatever I please.'' I smiled and put my head phones back in.

She scoffed and stormed off with her child. I laughed to myself and kept singing along until I felt another tap on my shoulder.

''Excuse me..?'' I heard somebody say. I turned my head to see THE Kellin Quinn.

''H-Hi..'' I managed to say.

''Could you please be a little quieter with those lyrics. My daughter is here and I would like her to not hear that.'' He smiled.

''Of course, I'm so sorry Mr. Quinn.'' I smiled.

''You know who I am?'' He asked.

''I'm a huge fan of SWS. I saw you in concert before too, opening for Pierce the veil. You don't know how grateful I am to you and your band.''

''Haha, I see. Well. Thank you, and you have a lovely voice. How old are you?'' He asked.

''18.'' I responded.

''Really? You know you should really try out for battle of the bands to go to warped tour.''

''I actually am, I'm singing up soon, and hopefully I can get in.'' I smiled.

''Well, I'll see you there. I'm watching this year with a few buddies of mine. I'll be sure to put in a good word.'' He smiled and walked away.

I instantly ran home and climbed up my window. I grabbed my phone and called Amber.. I'm leaving this place.. And I'm leaving now.


''Why did you tell me to pack all my stuff? And bring the fund?'' Amber asked crawling through my window.

''We're leaving. Now. Do you have the fund? I'm not wasting another minute in this hell hole.'' I stated packing up everything.

''Yea, did you get us the apartment?'' She asked. I shook my head. 

''We have to sleep in your car for a few days while I get everything set up.'' I said throwing my bag onto the roof.

''Okay then, are you ready?'' She asked.

''Yea, just let me write a note to my parents.'' I stated. She nodded and crawled out the window once again.

''Dear Mom, and Dad,

I'm leaving, I do not know where I will be living but I know where I will be going. I'm sorry about all the pain I have caused you but this is for the best. I can't function in this place any longer. The next time you see me I will be on AP magazine. I would've made it big. There's no way in hell I'm not gonna follow my dreams in becoming a drummer. It's all I've ever wanted to do with my life and I will do it. Perhaps someday I see you in the crowd head banging to my music. Make eye contact and smile at each other. Perhaps we'll cross paths, but I will not come back. That's the one thing I won't do. I can't have you control my life any longer. And if you truly care about me you won't look for me. Because if I come back I won't live my dreams and I won't live. I can't deal with the stress you put me through. I'm sorry. I love you..

And with that I climbed out my window and into the car. No more life in Maine.. Just on the road. I have everything planned out. Until battle of the bands we'll work at Hooter's because they pay A LOT and then when we get on our feet we'll work at Hot Topic. But until' then we're living in Amber's car.

''You ready?' She asked. I nodded.

''I'm ready.''

With that Amber sped down the road. Goodbye old home, hello new life.

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