why me?

Ella loves travelling around the world but what happens when she gets trapped in London, what will she do.


2. Paris

Jaymie, Clara and Ella walk out of the plane into the midsummer's warm air into the beautiful city of Paris.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm that's good, I cant wait to get into the heart of the city." In-front of was a young man with a sign saying JAYMIE, CLARA & ELLA.

"oooooh that's for us!!" Squeals Clara as she jumps up and down like an excitable puppy and ran to the car the man opened the door for her.

"Oooh thank thank you." She squeaks and climbs into the the car followed by Jaymie and Clara.

"So where are you girls of to now" says a voice behind a screen.

"why don't we visit the the the Louvre Pyramid then we can go into the Louvre Museum 


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