why me?

Ella loves travelling around the world but what happens when she gets trapped in London, what will she do.


1. Berlin

"Hurry up guys were going to miss the parade!" shouted Ella. Clara and Jaymie stumble out of the second room. 

"Alright were coming!" Clara goes back into the room followed by Jaymie. They both come out after 20 minuets. Clara was wearing a cute purple t-shirt with a shiny black leather jacket with studded jeans and Jaymie was wearing a overgrown superdry jumper and blue skinny jeans.

"Come on girls, lets go." and all the girls left the hotel room to the streets of Berlin, there was color and music everywhere it was beautiful. Everything around them was bright and loud. As they pushed their way to the front they saw the most magnificent float ever, it was a big, grand swan with dancers and glittery ribbons everywhere and then with a pull of a leaver huge wings fly out of the body.

"Wow, that's amazing." After the parade all three girls left the streets to their hotel room.

"So where are we going now?" 

"I don't know, where do you guys want to go?"

"Hey why don't we visit the Berlin wall museum, then we can go shopping!!"

"Yeah that's a brilliant idea." So of they went to the wall.

Back on the hotel room 

"That was amazing," "I never knew that!" "Who knew David Hasselhoff sang at the falling of the wall," "Haha  LOL!"

"Right, Where to next?" 


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