Finding Change

Meet Florence de Vere. Flo for short. She's from one of the richest families in London, her parents wanting her to take on the family business. But she has other ideas. She wants to sing, much to her mothers dismay. She's never fit into her mothers lifestyle, the formal dresses and boring parties.
Meet Harry Styles. Part of the big boyband One Direction. 5 years ago his life changed, when he became part of the best thing in his life. But his life took a change for the worst. He started hanging around with the wrong crowd, smoking things he shouldn't, doing things that he shouldn't, piercing and tattooing his body. The other boys try and support him but his job may be coming to an end.
When these two people meet for a one night stand, could both individuals get something they both want out of the result?


21. Last Chapter (2)

Last chapter. {part 2}
"Congratulations!" The next person tells us. I smile back.

"Harry I'm just gonna sit down for a minute," I tell him.

"Wait are you okay?" He asks concerned.

"I'm fine, just overwhelmed," I smile. I sit at a table in the far corner where I won't be disturbed. 
I look around the room and am so happy with what I see. Harry's mum and dad, and my parents sitting together laughing and amusing my girls. The boys stood at the bar, ordering drinks and taking shots. 
I see Effie dancing on the dance floor with Tom. I introduced them properly to each other and they hit it off right away. They've been dating for a few years now. Everyone always asks me of its weird that she's dating my ex but I just tell them that I don't mind, they were made for each other. 
Someone comes and plonks themselves down next to me.

"Congrats kid," Maddy says, grabbing my hand.

"Thanks. Yours will be next," I grin at her, playing with the massive engagement ring on her finger.

"I can't wait," she says excited. 
Maddy now works with One Direction, a job I helped hook her up with. Because the boys are starting their careers again, new albums and new tours, they needed people to write their songs and help find their instruments. That's what Maddy does. She helps the boys out, the manager of music technology.

Effie also works with them. As their stylist. She's always had a certain thing for fashion and why should she not work for the hottest boy band in the world. They love working with her, she's feisty and doesn't mind shouting at them if she needs to. 
As for me, I managed to bag myself my own record deal. With the boys' record label. But that was a few years ago. Before Ivy was born. I decided to put it on hold so that I could take proper care of my girls. Not that I wasn't absolutely over the moon at the chance of singing my own songs, but maybe in the future when the girls can help me. 
Luckily my mother and father support me too. They love the girls so much and always jump at the chance to look after them when me and Harry want a night off. They support my career choice and I thank them for that. 
Dealing with the girls was hard. When Bella came along me and Harry were still eighteen, we had no idea how to handle a child. Our parents stepped in and helped us so much so that when Ivy was born we knew we could handle it. We were lucky really. To have such supportive families and friends, I think looking around the room.

"What do you want to drink?" Liam appears and asks Maddy.

"I'll have a glass of wine," she smiles.

"Okay," he grins, leaning down and kissing her lightly. They were adorable together.  

 "Now it's time for the first dance," the DJ calls out. 
I make my way onto the dance floor smiling madly at Harry who's already stood in the middle. "Hi," he grins. He wraps his arms around my waist as I lace my fingers at the back of his neck. 
Our song started playing and we swayed softly along to the music.

"Isn't she lovely.
Isn't she wonderful.
Isn't she precious."
Harry sung in my ear, his husky voice making me shiver. Ever since I heard him when I was having Bella I make him sing to me all the time. It soothes me and calms me down when I need it most.

"I love you," I whisper into his ear. He pulls away and kisses me lightly on the lips. It was like the kiss we had when I'd had Bella. When I told him I loved him. It was soft and gentle, full of love. 
I feel little fingers tapping my legs and when I look down I see little green eyes peering up at me. Ivy holds her arms up waiting for me to pick her up. I look up to Harry to laugh but see that he has his arms full with Bella. 
I pick Ivy up and sit her on my hip, Harry's free arm wrapped around my waist. "Isn't she pretty.
Truly the angel's best.
Boy, I'm so happy.
We have been heaven blessed.
I can't believe what God has done.
Through us he's given life to one.
But isn't she lovely made from love," Harry continues to sing. Ivy rests her head under my chin, playing with the curls on my face. 
We continue to sway like that, as a family, dancing as Harry sung. 
When the song finished everyone applauded us and soon there were people surrounding us, dancing with their loved ones. I put Ivy down who went to dance with my parents and Bella.

Harry grabs my hand and pulls me outside, into the night. 
He pushes me lightly against the wall and his hot lips are on mine immediately.

"I've wanted to do that all day," he growls. I laugh, poking the simple on his cheek.

"Thank you," I smile.

"For what?" He asks, holding my waist.

"I couldn't imagine my life to be any better than it is now Harry. I don't regret any of it, if I did I wouldn't have Ivy or Bella, or you," I smile, tears threatening to fall. "You've changed me in more ways than I can imagine and I can't owe you enough," I tell him. Because it’s true, I wouldn't be anywhere without him now. I'd be doing a job that I didn't want to do with no-one to love.

"Flo before you I was a mess. My career was going down the drain, my health going with it. Then you came along in your little burst of happiness and changed my life for the better," Harry says. "You saved my life Flo," he smiles, stroking a strand of hair off my face, behind me ear. "I think we're even."

"I love you so much," I tell him, forehead touching his.

"I love you more," he says before his lips crash into mine. "Impossible," I smile into the kiss. 
I'm so glad that we found the change we needed. Each other.

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